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If you don’t own a dog, at least one, there is not necessarily anything wrong with you, but there may be something wrong with your life.” – Roger Caras, Wildlife Preservationist



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As a pet parent lifestyle blog, our goal is to share life and travel...with dogs. Since 2014, we have worked hard to become a go-to destination for dog mom life and pet adventures. We are rescue pet advocates and 10% of all profits are donated to Freedom Service Dogs of America.

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Snow Day Update + Life Lately


We were hit with quite the winter storm over this past weekend and our neighborhood received over 10-inches of snow. All throughout our neighborhood there were kids sledding down hills, people walking around on cross-country skis, families building snowmen, and dogs running around playing. Our ... READ the POST

Travel Goals For the Year Ahead

A couple of nights ago, Brandon and I were out to dinner talking about our goals and dreams for 2019 when I mentioned how much I really want to focus on traveling. I feel like every year when I start dreaming about the potential of the months ahead traveling is always on my list. Always. So I ... READ the POST

The Best of Honey & Pine in 2018

This post contains affiliate links which help support Honey & Pine Co. 10% of all profits are donated to Freedom Service Dogs.

At the beginning of last year (how is 2018 already last year?) I shared a "The Best of Honey & Pine in 2017" post and was surprised by the traffic it received. So, I selfishly decided to do it again this year. I've been working hard over the last few months to increase traffic to my blog because ... READ the POST

Tips for Hiring a Dog Sitter

Brandon and I are currently in the midst of planning our 2019 travel experiences and we plan on hiring a dog sitter for a couple of our trips this year. We normally take our dogs with us whenever we travel but we agreed that despite how much we love them we need a trip or two that gives us solo time ... READ the POST

Easy Chicken Vegetable Soup (No Noodles)

Cozy up this winter with this hearty and flavorful chicken vegetable soup. This soup is the perfect alternative to chicken noodle soup and is loaded with chicken, potatoes, broccoli, carrots, celery, spinach, and corn. Plus, it's on the table in 30 minutes or less! One ... READ the POST

Our WOTY for 2019

This year when I sat down to try to choose a word of the year (WOTY) I felt like all the words were speaking to me. I wrote down the words I felt pressing on my heart and at one point, no joke, I must have had a list of 60+ words. It felt overwhelming so I decided to take a different approach. I ... READ the POST