One of the best things about being a dog mom is seeing their little personalities develop as they grow up. Our chihuahua is intelligent and independent while our cheagle is energetic and attention-seeking. Every dog breed is different and it’s so important to do the research to make sure you choose the right breed for you bring a new fur baby home.

You want to adopt a dog that matches your personality. Are you an outdoorsman or a homebody? Do you prefer road trips or staycations? However you choose to live it’s important to seek out a dog that matches your personality and lifestyle.

To help you discover what kind of dog might be compatible for you and your family take our “Which Dog Breed Are You?” quiz below! You might be surprised by your result!

What did you think of your result? Is it accurate?

According to a survey by Rover, 75% of female pet parents consider themselves dog moms (clearly, I agree!). Why “dog mom”? Well, the top reasons women say they are dog moms is either because their dog is their child (36%) or their dog is part of the family (42%). For me, it’s both!

  • 54% of Gen Z dog moms say their dog is their child
  • 52% of Gen X dog moms say their dog is part of the family

Now that you know what kind of dog breed YOU are, make sure you’re prepared to bring your new furbaby home then visit your local shelter to find your new BFF! #AdoptDontShop