Before I started using ViralTag to manage my social media accounts I was feeling so overwhelmed. It’s hard to feel like you have to be everywhere at the same time. Plus, in addition to managing social media for my blog, I like to keep my professional LinkedIn profile updated. I also help my parents manage social media for their business. It’s a lot. ViralTag has helped me get past the overwhelm of social media so I thought it was time for a ViralTag review.

I’ve used a lot of other social media tools. Most notably, I tried Buffer, CoSchedule, and MeetEdgar. I still use BoardBooster and Tailwind for Pinterest I’ve dropped every other tool. ViralTag is fantastic and it’s ridiculously easy to use. 

ViralTag Review: Why it is my go-to social media scheduler and why I think you're going to love it too. Also, there's a free ViralTag credit for you!

What is ViralTag?

Unlike other tools, ViralTag is very image-focused. It is designed to include images in your tweets, image-heavy Facebook posts, Instagram pictures, and Pinterest updates. 

I read on HubSpot recently that, “37% of marketers said visual marketing was the most important form of content for their business, second only to blogging (38%).” Since I’m already blogging, my next area of focus needs to be on visual marketing. Yours too, if you’re also a blogger. While other social media management tools are great, ViralTag is the only one that focuses on visual content.

ViralTag supports sharing content on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr so it really has you covered. I use BoardBooster and Tailwind for Pinterest and I don’t use Tumblr at all but ViralTag is my go-to for managing every other network.

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ViralTag Review

Just like you can with other social media tools, ViralTag allows you to create a library of content. You can create various categories in your content library to help keep everything organized and let you focus when you schedule content. I have categories such as:

  • Blogging Tips + Social Media
  • Lifestyle + Home + Recipes
  • Book Reviews + Entertainment
  • Personal Development + Careers
  • Affiliates
  • OPC (Other People’s Content)

This helps make sure that you’re sharing a variety of content each day. You can mix up the categories so that you’re not spamming your followers with the same stuff over and over again.

I use ViralTag to post on:

  • Twitter up to 10 – 14 times per day
  • Facebook up to 2 – 3 times per day
  • Instagram up to 1 – 2 times per day

ViralTag schedules the posts to appear on my social media networks at opportune times so I don’t have to actually be “live” on the networks in order to engage my readers. I have set scheduled times to check in on social media to respond to comments but otherwise, I’m focused on other tasks.

Since using ViralTag I only spend about 5 – 10 hours per week on social media for my blog (that’s 1 – 2 hours per day) which isn’t bad at all. I typically break it up in to 20-minute blocks of time so I can be present, focused, and engaged. I’m just not tied to it all day anymore.

ViralTag isn’t perfect and I’ve spoken to their CEO + Founder a couple of times about my suggested tweaks and changes. I’ve seen them implement a few new things but two things I’m waiting to see them add is the ability to manage Facebook Groups and the ability to shuffle the content in a category. 

I have a Facebook Group for my blog and not being able to schedule content for it has made it a challenge to grow and engage. The free version of Buffer helps me schedule engaging posts for the group but I often forget to do it since I don’t otherwise use that tool. I know my group could do a lot better if I was able to schedule it in ViralTag.

The last update I received about shuffling content just said they are working on it. Right now social media updates are sent out in the order in which you added them to your category queue. If you could shuffle it, like I could with other tools, it lets you to mix it up when you add new information so that you aren’t sending everything out in the exact same order all of the time. You can’t shuffle yet but I believe it’s on its way. 🙂 

ViralTag has helped me grow my social media presence and be more present in my actual offline life. I hope you found this ViralTag review helpful and if you are ready to give ViralTag a try I have a free credit for you right here.