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A Missouri Update (and my Summer Bucket List)

Even though we’re still struggling through this state of transition with our move to St. Louis, I’m doing my best to look forward to the summer season ahead. Summer has always been a season that made me feel like Goldilocks taste-testing porridge. When I lived in Florida, summer was too hot. When I lived in Georgia, summer was too muggy. When I lived in West Virginia, summer was too cold. It seemed like I was always complaining about it but here in Missouri, summer feels perfect. 

Summer in Missouri feels so good and I’m looking forward to spending this summer season enjoying the outdoors and soaking in the sunshine. 

Summer bucket list for 2018

We are doing our best to settle into Missouri and make it feel like home. I started my new job this past Monday and so far it’s going really well. I’m happy with the company and the position; I feel like I got really lucky. Now, we want to build our home and find our new version of happiness in our new state.

If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance. ~Bern Williams

One of the things I love about my new workplace is the community garden at the back of the property. A group of co-workers started a community garden growing herbs and vegetables which I love being a part of. I signed up to join their team during my first day of onboarding. Once we get settled in I hope to get some good pictures to share with you. I also want to start a few flowers for our front porch once we get moved in. The landscape here in Missouri is gorgeous and the wildflowers are everywhere. It’s really making me want to get flowers growing for a little curb appeal and to dress up our dining room.

summer bucket list and flowers

Our word of the year for 2018 has been “cherish” and we’re trying our best to stay in the present and focus on living in the now. It’s hard when the past few months have been so challenging but we’re trying to rely on our faith and trust in God to see us through. We expect things to settle down in the next week or two and I’m looking forward to boring normalcy for a while.

To keep us focused on the future and give us something to look forward to, we sat down the other day to put together a summer bucket list which I’m excited to share with you now.

Our 2018 Summer Bucket List

  • Take a road trip (hopefully to Colorado to see a few friends!)
  • Try new lemonade recipes
  • Visit a local farm and market
  • Watch the sunset on a lake
  • Explore one of Missouri’s 5,000 caves
  • Have a picnic
  • Go to a baseball game
  • Take the dogs out on a boat
  • Spend time poolside
  • Rent jetskis on the lake
  • Go to a summer concert
  • Visit the St. Louis Zoo
  • Complete a gardening DIY project
  • Make my own herbal smelling salts

I found out that admission to the St Louis zoo is free so I’m sure I’ll be dragging Brandon there a lot once we get settled into our home. As you may know, I love zoos and I’m so excited to check out yet another one! I’ve already visited zoos in Tampa, FL; Washington DC; Cincinnati, OH; Atlanta, GA so St. Louis is another great one to add to my list. 🙂 

I’d love to know what you’re planning to be up to this summer!

Looking for fun new activities to add to your summer bucket list this year? These 14 summer activities (good for families and kids too!) are sure to help you make the best of your summer days. Via @honeyandpineco #summer #bucketlist


  1. I’m glad to hear things are going well so far in your new city! The St. Louis zoo is such a fun one to visit – this is a great summer bucket list! And I’m totally with you on the Goldilocks feelings, haha. Summer is definitely way too hot here in FL!

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