It’s summertime! Not to start this off on a super sad note but this is the time of year when blogs die. 🙁  Kids are out of school and families are off on summer vacations or enjoying a staycation full of barbecues, trips to the pool, and lots of other family activities. No one is really sitting around reading blogs during the summer. Our page views decline but we try to keep our spirits up because we know everything will climb back up and settle back to normal in a month or two. 

I’ve met a lot of bloggers that take the summers off or who drop down to publishing only once or twice a week. Not me. I’m still here plugging away because I love to plan ahead and since most my traffic is driven by SEO I have to think about next year. I want my content in the Google-machine now so that when people are searching next year for summer stuff, I’ll come up and be ready. 

Summer blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers

I also feel like summer is the best time to start a blog so if you’ve been thinking about it, now’s probably the time do it. It gives you time to focus on building and designing your blog so you’re ready for the big holiday push which is usually when people see a big spike in page views, especially if you plan ahead to share holiday recipes, crafts, gift ideas, and hosting tips. 

If you’re looking for ideas for summer blog post ideas, I have some inspiration for you right here:

  1. Share one of your summer travel experiences
  2. Give your readers a review of a hotel, Airbnb, or resort you stayed at
  3. Tell us what’s on your summer bucket list
  4. Share pictures of your front (or back) porch decorated for summer
  5. Create an outdoor DIY and share the tutorial
  6. Offer tips for a summer pedicure or foot pampering someone can do at home
  7. Attend an annual outdoor concert or festival then share the experience along with tips for how to make it better next year.
  8. Share a summer fashion look along with tips for beating the heat
  9. Do a hair tutorial for a quick style you can do during the summer and tips for preventing the humidity from ruining your style
  10. Offer tips for your top essentials for a day at the beach or the park
  11. Create a great recipe your readers can take to a picnic or potluck
  12. Go on a picnic then share your picnic recipes or tips for a successful picnic
  13. Create a neighborhood food guide for one of your favorite areas or districts nearby
  14. Share your summer reading list and talk about the new releases you can’t wait to read or share old favorites you’d like to re-read
  15. Make a craft or DIY related to summer entertaining and share the how-to with your readers
  16. Create a DIY front door wreath or welcome mat
  17. Do a summer sunset activity like yoga or a sunset hike then share the experience
  18. Host a backyard barbecue and share barbecue tips or recipes
  19. Share your favorite summer cocktail recipe (or lemonade / tea recipe if you don’t do alcohol)
  20. Style your favorite summer sandals and share a review of the brand as well as different ways to wear them
  21. Create a roundup of your favorite swimsuits to flatter different body types
  22. Offer safety tips for different summer activities based on where you live (beach safety, pool safety, camping safety, etc.)
  23. Do a summer fashion DIY and share the tutorial
  24. Share summer travel tips for your family (i.e. traveling with dogs, traveling with small teenagers, traveling with children, vacationing with your in-laws, etc.)
  25. Offer advice for navigating the airport with your family or why you chose to drive instead of fly
  26. Share a tutorial for turning photos into postcards and share your summer experience with your friends and family
  27. Summer date night ideas for your readers and their spouses. Take an angle like budget date nights, free date nights, date nights worth the splurge, etc.
  28. Tips for attending a summer wedding and wedding guest etiquette suggestions
  29. Arranging summer flower bouquets or how to decorate with summer flowers
  30. Make a favorite summer dessert and share the recipe 
  31. Offer suggestions for outdoor games for children or families
  32. Review an amusement park or other family summer travel destination
  33. Talk about home organization and share advice for cleaning out the clutter
Discover 33 blog post ideas to inspire your summer editorial calendar. Fill up your content calendar now with ideas @honeyandpineco #blogging #blogpostideas #blogcontent #blogadvice
Do you keep blogging through the summer or do you take time off?