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Welcome to Honey & Pine!

Honey & Pine is a dog mom blog so if you’re here that means you share our interest in life and travel with dogs. We’re excited to have you as a new part of our pet parent community.

We believe in chasing paradise and never leaving the dogs behind. It’s our mission to share our journey through living and traveling with dogs with you through our blog. In our first 5 years of marriage, we moved 6 times before ultimately settling in St. Louis, Missouri. We realized that our grass is greenest in the Midwest but we still hit the road as often as possible.  

You will love Honey & Pine if you :

  • Enjoy cooking homemade meals for your family and your dog  
  • Design your home with pet-friendly materials and textiles in mind
  • Accept that dog hair is an unavoidable accessory to your wardrobe
  • Make travel arrangements around pet-friendly hotels and destinations

Together, we’re going to embrace life being #dogmomaf and learn how to live and travel (happily) with the dogs in tow. We hope you enjoy Honey & Pine and that it makes you feel like home. Learn more about the core values behind Honey & Pine Co here.

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We chronicle my husband’s mental health journey and road to recovery on our YouTube channel. We’ve discussed his benzo withdrawals, personal trauma, and the day he almost took his own life. It’s a vulnerable place for us but it’s important to talk about mental health and share our struggles.

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