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His Spring-Inspired Style with JORD

 I’m so glad it’s spring because I’m ready for baseball, warm weather, and gardening again. Plus, we’re tired of wearing so many layers and are ready to embrace spring-style with Jord. Officially, we’re three weeks away from spring but I start embracing spring style when the weather is consistently in the mid-60’s and flowers are blooming. I’ve already packed away sweaters and pulled floral prints out of storage. My calendar is full of upcoming garden shows and spring festivals so it’s fair to say that I’m excited about the months ahead. 

Brandon laughed at me the other day and said, “You say fall is your favorite season but you come alive in the spring.” I love spring for the same reasons I love New Year’s Eve. I love the feeling of rebirth and renewal; the feeling of opportunity and possibility that comes with spring. I also love that baseball is back in spring training which means that trips to the sports park are on the horizon. 😉

The spring Brandon and I are heavily focused on intentionality and being mindful in our decisions. We want to embrace a more natural style (less make-up, less processed foods, etc) so we were excited to be presented with the opportunity to check out this gorgeous wood watch from Jord. It is stunning! 

There is something about spring outside that motivates us to embrace natural things and the wood watch is perfect. Brandon hasn’t worn a watch in years but he loves his new Jord watch. His exact words were “it’s stylish without being ‘swag,'” haha. 

A few other things we are looking at this spring to keep it natural:

I’m also pushing Brandon to spend this season focusing on new beginnings and adventures. We are planning a hiking trip to the north Georgia mountains and planning a weekend in Athens, GA. He also told me he’s down to give baseball a legit chance to win his heart (as it did mine many years ago) so I’m looking forward to getting in the stadium soon (follow my IG for pics at the park!).

If you’re looking for spring accessories for your man you have to hop over to JORD and check out their wood watches. I’m in love with Brandon’s Dark Sandalwood and Burgundy watch. Plus, the natural wood makes it easy to dress up or dress down depending on your plans.

Hop on over to the JORD website now and scope out your favorite wood watch then enter the giveaway (here!) to be entered to win a $100 gift code to use on the JORD site! One lucky person will win, but everyone will receive a code worth $25 once the contest ends! Note: The giveaway closes 3/19 at 11:59pm. The gift codes expire on 5/31/2017.

What is your spring style must-have this season? Which JORD watch is your favorite? Tell me what you’ll buy if you win the giveaway!

Luxury Wooden Watch


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