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Snow Day Update + Life Lately


We were hit with quite the winter storm over this past weekend and our neighborhood received over 10-inches of snow. All throughout our neighborhood there were kids sledding down hills, people walking around on cross-country skis, families building snowmen, and dogs running around playing.

Our chihuahua wanted nothing to do with it but Wilkins thought it was a blast! At least, he did until it reached 8+ inches. Once the snow got taller than him he became a bit freaked out by it but he was braver than I expected him to be considering it was his first serious snowstorm.

Spending snow days in Missouri via @honeyandpineco

We had to cancel weekend travel plans but I took advantage of the snowed-in days to finally take our Christmas tree down and get our home organized and feeling back to normal post-holidays. I enjoyed our holidays this year and I was having a bit of trouble letting them go so I kept our tree and other decorations up for longer than usual. I typically take them down during the first weekend in January but I decided to let them linger on a bit longer than normal. Once we realized we weren’t even turning the Christmas tree lights on in the evening we agreed it was time to take it all down.

I bought a set of these clear storage totes to hold our Christmas decorations and pare down the items I wanted to throw away or donate. I had a lot of old decorations I didn’t even bother to put out this year so I opted to go ahead and donate them so maybe they can find some holiday love in someone else’s home next year. I’ve just changed my home aesthetic so much over the last 2 years and it was time to let some things go. It took almost a full day to get through my Christmas decorations but our basement is much, more more organized now.

As nice as it feels to have my home back to normal after the holidays there are areas that are looking kind of empty now. I spent some snow day time browsing Etsy looking for a few pieces of home decor to fill in the bare spaces that are suddenly driving me crazy, haha. I’m especially looking for something to hang above our front door and something for a tall but narrow wall in our dining room. If you have any favorite Etsy shops for home decor, please let me know.

Spending snow days in Missouri via @honeyandpineco
Spending snow days in Missouri via @honeyandpineco

I also made a huge pot of chili on Friday night to keep us nice and warm during the snowy weekend. Any time it gets cold you can bet I’m in the kitchen making either a pot of potato soup or a big batch of my favorite spicy chili. I just feel like snow days requires a big bowl of something hot! Besides, chili legit makes the best leftovers. I can eat it for days especially if I have a pan of cornbread to go with it. YUM!

I’m not even ashamed to admit that over the weekend we ate dinner on the couch so we could stay snuggled up and catch up the movies we’ve been wanting to see but missed in theatres. We finally got around to watching Venom and I thought it was fabulous. I’m a big fan of Tom Hardy anyway but I thought the movie was good. We avoided it in theatres because it seemed to get quite a bit of negative press but I was impressed with it and enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to. If you haven’t seen it yet, definitely move it up your list.

Spending snow days in Missouri via @honeyandpineco
Spending snow days in Missouri via @honeyandpineco
Spending snow days in Missouri via @honeyandpineco

We are expecting even more snow next weekend and temperatures down as low as 2 degrees so I’m sure it’ll be a weekend on repeat. If the weather is bad where you are, make sure you’re staying safe and warm!

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