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Our Road Trip Playlist

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Sometimes I wonder how I survived childhood. I didn’t realize it at the time but I was a pretty annoying little kid, especially when it came to road trip music. We used to take road trips from Florida to West Virginia every year to visit my grandparents and other family. For a lot of those years (especially the early ones) I was obsessed with Cabbage Patch Kids. I’d received a Cabbage Patch Kid for Christmas when I was 4 and he came with a cassette tape. I knew every word of every song by heart within that first week. I was relentless. To be honest, if someone asked me to sing a song from that cassette tape right now I bet I could do it. It’s that ingrained in me.

There was one song in particular, about a boy named Otis Lee, that lived on repeat. It had classic lyrics like…

He’s got himself a bulldog / he’s got a load of friends / every day is so much fun he’s sorry when it ends / when you’ve got a problem he’s the one you go to see / always ready strong and steady / good ol’ Otis Lee

It was basically my anthem when I was in kindergarten. I aspired to be like Otis Lee because, #Goals. There was at least a dozen road trips (18-hour road trips) where that song was pretty much the only one heard. I’d forgotten about it until my 4-year old niece was up visiting and insisted we play Justin Bieber’s ‘Beauty and a Beat’ on repeat for an hour. I couldn’t be upset, I’d put my parents through worse.

Get road trip ready with this road trip playlist from Ashley at Far Beyond Love. It's an eclectic mix of rock, rap, and country music.

These days I usually put Brandon in control of the music. He has much better taste in music than I do, for real. I begged him to prepare a road trip playlist for an overnight trip we have coming up this weekend. He refused and insisted we compromise our musical tastes. It resulted in a pretty eclectic playlist but if you’re open to a wide variety of music, you’ll love it!

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