I’ve been paranoid about ticks on dogs ever since we visited my parent’s cabin retreat last summer. We went out there for a week-long visit to get away from the city (we were still living in Atlanta at the time) and we found a tick on Wilkins the day we were leaving to head home. I know ticks carry disease and can cause dogs all sorts of issues so of course, I freaked out. I was screaming for my Dad and he helped me remove it. The whole process was disgusting and I’ve taken measures to be extra careful ever since.

Well, this year pest control experts are predicting 2018 will experience a severe flea and tick season, due to highly fluctuating weather patterns that allowed them to survive throughout the winter and continue their life cycles. Since we enjoy being outside at the cabin or hiking along the trails I’ve teamed up with Hartz to protect our pups, your pups, and help out shelter pets while we’re at it! It’s a win-win-win, right? 

To help prevent the pet concerns that come with finding fleas and ticks on dogs, The Hartz Mountain Corporation is lending a paw (#sorrynotsorry) to non-profit animal shelters and welfare organizations with the launch of the Help Us Help Them™ initiative – a buy one, give one donation outreach program. The program helps protect cats and dogs from fleas and ticks as they wait to be adopted by their new forever families. Arming these shelters and organizations with free preventative solutions embodies Hartz’s vision to support a world where every pet leads a happy, healthy, and long life with a devoted family.

Hartz Ultraguard Pro prevents ticks on dogs

Flea and tick preventatives are among the top items requested by shelters to help reduce parasite-related allergies and diseases, discomfort, and shelter-wide infestations while pets are waiting to be adopted. We adopted Wilkins from a rescue and we were lucky that he came to us healthy and pest-free. It breaks my heart to think of other sweet little guys like him out there in shelters without access to treatment to avoid diseases and other issues brought on by these pests. 

Hartz Ultraguard Pro Topical Solution

The Help Us Help Them ™ campaign is donating one Hartz® Flea and Tick product to needy cats and dogs at shelters across America for every Hartz® UltraGuard Pro topical drop product purchased between April 1, 2018 and May 31, 2018.

Hartz UltraGuard Pro® topical drops, provide dogs with fast-acting, effective monthly protection against fleas, Deer and Brown Dog ticks, and flea eggs that can cause pet and home infestations. The topical drops start killing fleas within 15 minutes and effectively prevents re-infestations for 1 month.

Avoid ticks on dogs with this topical solution

Will you help us support shelter pets this spring? Order your own Hartz® UltraGuard Pro topical drops and give to a shelter pet in need and share this post to help spread the word.