Last week, Brandon and I woke up to a cloudy overcast day and on a whim I begged him to travel to Point Pleasant, WV with me to see the Mothman. The Mothman is such a legend here in West Virginia that I knew it was well past time he saw it for himself. After all, we’ve lived here for a year already! It was only about an hour away so we grabbed the camera and hopped in the car.

During the drive, I entertained him with stories of the Mothman folklore which all started back in 1966 when, on November 12, 1966, five men digging a grave at a cemetery near Clendenin claimed to see a man-like figure fly low from the trees over their heads. Three days later, on November 15, 1966, two young couples from Point Pleasant told police they saw a large grey creature whose eyes glowed red against the car’s headlights. The creature was described as a “large flying man with ten-foot wings” and they claimed it followed their car while they were driving in an area outside of town known as “the TNT area”. The TNT area is the site of a former World War II munitions plant. He’s also blamed for the Silver Bridge Collapse because it occurred around the same time as the sightings. 

The town has erected a statue to the Mothman in the middle of town and it’s glorious. 🙂 


The Mothman statue is in a little square nestled between the world’s only Mothman Museum and a quaint coffee shop that offers a “Mothman Frappucino” to visitors. I was dying to try their Mothman coffee but the little shop closed about 20 minutes before we arrived in town. 

Historic Lowe Hotel Point Pleasant WV

The Lowe Hotel is a historic hotel just across the street from the Mothman statue and the Mothman Museum. There are claims the hotel is haunted and we were tempted to stay for a night and see if anything spooky happened while we were there but they aren’t dog-friendly and we didn’t have a pet-sitter so I’ll just have to wait for one of you to spend the night and report back. Although, for the record, I don’t believe in ghosts.

The hotel is located directly in front of Riverfront Park which was my favorite part of the whole day trip. The park includes a small riverfront amphitheater, walking trail, and murals that depict the town’s history as the site of the First Battle of the American Revolutionary War. As history buffs, we spent wayyyy too much time staring at those murals.

Point Pleasant WV

Riverfront Park WV

Riverfront Park in Point Pleasant WV

Battle of Point Pleasant WV

Overall, it was an interesting little day trip to a historic part of West Virginia. If you’re passing through or just want to spend the night in a supposedly haunted hotel (with rates starting about $109 / night) it’s worth a quick stay. If you do stay at the hotel you have to let me know how it goes! I don’t believe in ghosts but I still love hearing the stories. 😉 

Also, let me know if you spot the Mothman! You should be able to identify him by his 10-foot wings and glowing red eyes. 

Have you ever been to the site of a folklore like the Mothman?