When we were in Pittsburgh I fell in love with the work of a paper craft artist named Kathryn Carr after spotting her work in a local record store. She makes the most incredible cards out of paper cutting which I found to be a fascinating art. I purchased one of her cards as a keepsake from our trip and invited her to share more about her paper craft here on Honey & Pine Co.

*This is a guest post by Kathryn Carr of Go Carr Go

Paper cut art is the perfect paper craft for you if you want to create an enchanting and nostalgic statement piece for your home. The art of paper cutting is a classic folk art that just about anyone can do.  It can be simplistic or complex; it can capture someone’s likeness in silhouette, or it can create fantastic detailed scenes.

Paper Craft

I’ve been working in this paper craft art medium for over ten years and I’m still learning new things about it. It continues to open new doors and exciting opportunities for me. Over the years I’ve taught paper cutting classes, developed a line of my own greeting cards, illustrated a children’s book, and have shown my work in various galleries.

Please enjoy this little film that playfully shows some insight of my work.

You can create your own paper cut art by following some simple techniques while using your own designs or a template guide. It requires gathering a few inexpensive tools and you really don’t need a lot of space to work. Here is a free template that was featured in the film along with some basic instructions.

paper craft hiking bear

Paper craft nature

For more detailed explanations or instructions about paper cutting, please visit my blog or see here to learn more about my art and paper craft. 

Have you ever tried paper cutting?