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Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot about books, plants, and puppies

Since 2014, Honey & Pine has operated as a creative lifestyle blog with a powerful mix of ideas and online media for the modern dog mom.

About me

17 Websites Every Blogger Should Bookmark

All bloggers have their favorite tools and resources to help prepare their blog posts and build their following. Some bloggers swear by a written planner while others couldn’t live without the organization and productivity apps on their iPhone. I love being helpful…

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Our Life

What to Say in a Thank You Card

Do you remember when people used to write a thank you note to show their appreciation? Once upon a time, people sat down at a writing desk, opened a thank you card, and wrote a heartfelt note of gratitude. Now,…

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The Columbus Affair by Steve Berry

The Columbus Affair by Steve BerryPages: 426 My Rating Buy Now (Affiliate Link) Buy on Amazon A family’s secret, a ruthless fanatic, and a covert arm of the American government—all are linked by a single puzzling possibility: What if everything…

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