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Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot about books, plants, and puppies

Since 2014, Honey & Pine has operated as a creative lifestyle blog with a powerful mix of ideas and online media for the modern dog mom.

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Dog Life

We Tried a Calming Diffuser for Dogs

These days it feels like we will try anything to get our dogs to calm down so when I was offered a new calming diffuser for dogs from ThunderWorks I figured…why not? I mean, it couldn’t make them worse, right?…

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Our Trip to the St Louis Zoo

This past weekend was a good one for Brandon so we decided to head down to the St Louis Zoo on Saturday. I love zoos and even though we’ve been in St Louis for almost two months now we still…

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Your Life

I Updated My Skin Care Routine with Hemp

I’ve been on a natural products only binge since Brandon’s been suffering through these severe withdrawals coming off his anxiety medication. I’ve never been one to take medication anyway but watching him struggle like this has made me wary of…

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Savory Sweet Potatoes? Yes, Please!

Mashed sweet potatoes have been a serious go-to item on our dinner menu lately since we’ve been trying to seek out more anti-inflammatory foods. One of the biggest problems Brandon has been struggling with as he goes through his withdrawals…

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Summer Blog Post Ideas

It’s summertime! Not to start this off on a super sad note but this is the time of year when blogs die. 🙁  Kids are out of school and families are off on summer vacations or enjoying a staycation full…

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