Have you been feeling like everyone in your Instagram feed is obsessed with houseplants right now? I have and it’s been going on for months (years?). It started with succulents. They were tiny, adorable, and easy to keep alive since they require very little care and maintenance. I mean, do you remember how easy it is to grow hens and chicks? Then, it was like everyone moved on to terrariums, then the fiddle leaf plant which is in virtually every home decor photo I’ve seen for the last 6 months. Now, it feels like houseplants of any variety have exploded all over the internet.

Hashtags like #crazyplantlady and #plantsmakepeoplehappy are building huge communities of plant-lovers sharing their favorite new plants, plant care tips, and gorgeous green interiors. It seems to have started around 2016 when a National Garden Survey said that 6 million people took up gardening of some sort that year and of those 6 million, 5 million were millennials (not that I’m blaming millennials for the rise in houseplant love, they get blamed for enough). I think it has more to do with the movement toward sustainability and wellness.

Discover why houseplants have exploded in popularity over the last few years and what the means for home decor and wellness trends. Via @honeyandpineco #houseplants #houseplantclub #crazyplantlady

As a whole, people are focused on wellness more than ever. They are eating organic whole foods or adopting a vegetarian/vegan diet. There are new varieties of yoga popping up all the time (goat yoga, anyone?). People are also increasingly conscious of their impact on the environment as sustainability and eco-conscious choices are becoming more prevalent. There is a heavy movement toward zero waste and minimalism which seems to align well with using houseplants for wellness benefits and easy minimal home decor. 

With so much of our lives spent online these days, is it any wonder that we would find ourselves craving the outdoors? With so little time available to us, houseplants provide an easy way to bring the outdoors in. It’s almost a lifestyle hack that allows us to forest bathe in our living rooms, haha. Besides, houseplants provide tons of wellness benefits for our mental and physical health. Having and caring for houseplants has been proven to lower your blood pressure, lower your resting heart rate, and reduce anxiety and mental fatigue. It’s also been said that being around plants can boost your immune system and they help clean the air around us so seriously, what’s not to love about them?

Discover why houseplants have exploded in popularity over the last few years and what the means for home decor and wellness trends. Via @honeyandpineco #houseplants #houseplantclub #crazyplantlady

With as stressed as we all are over careers, relationships, *cough* politics *cough*, family obligations, and hectic schedules, is it any wonder that we’d seek out peace and tranquility at home? And, if all it takes is a couple of easy-on-the-eyes houseplants then I say bring it on!

We left a lot of our plants behind when we moved although our succulents and my Gerbera daisies did survive the transition. I’ll be heading out this weekend to buy a bigger indoor pot for my daisies and I just might pick up a fern or fiddle leaf for our dining room. Our new space needs some greening up and honestly, I could use the anti-anxiety benefits too. 

If you haven’t already embraced the botanical trend sweeping the nation, experts suggest starting with 1 – 3 easy to care for houseplants like succulents or spider plants (which are fabulous for the bathroom since they require very little light). Once you’ve built up your confidence caring for houseplants you can start adding on with flowering plants and other high-maintenance greenery. One of my favorite go-to houseplant resources is Houseplants: The Complete Guide to Choosing, Growing, and Caring for Indoor Plants by Lisa Steinkopf. It’s essentially been my houseplant Bible for about a year and it’s fabulous. It has everything you need to know to help you choose the right plant for your home and how to keep it alive so you don’t have to stress even if you think you have a black thumb. 😉 

It’s super easy to get started and, seriously, your mental health will thank you.