“The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry…”

It’s a modified quote from Robert Burns’ poem To a Mouse, 1786 but seems so applicable as I sit here tonight finalizing the details for our upcoming move to St. Louis, Missouri. I announced it only this evening because up until 4pm we still weren’t sure it was happening. I flew out there for a job interview last week (you may have caught a glimpse of my flight on my Instagram stories) but I’ve kept the whole situation pretty hush-hush until the offer was finalized and we knew we were moving. I’m still in a weird state of shock over it because, as many of you know, moving here to West Virginia and living so close to my family has been a dream.

We’ve lived in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and West Virginia. Truly, we thought our moving stopped here. We’ve been looking to buy a little farm in the area so we could pick up a few more animals and I could get a good garden growing. We spent weekends at my parent’s cabin (pictured) and had dreams for our little space here once we found the right piece of land. 

We often talked about finding acreage in the mountains so we could start a little farm and I could garden the days away. We wanted to grow our own food and I had drawn up plans for a tea garden. We wanted a greenhouse and a small pond so we could have ducks. We’d mapped out the next 5 – 10 years easily and had no intentions of leaving. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned.

I lost my job and immediately starting searching for something new but there isn’t much in the way of technology here in Charleston, WV. The jobs I was finding and being offered were significantly lower in pay than I had been making and that I knew I could earn elsewhere so I started to expand my search zone. 

I found a great position at a company outside of St. Louis, MO and applied. After a quick phone screening, they flew me out there for the day and an on-site interview. I came home feeling pretty confident but I was immediately hit with an overwhelming feeling of homesickness. I didn’t even officially have the job and I was already sad about having to leave West Virginia behind. There no use in lying – I sobbed but I knew that moving on was the right thing for us to do.

I’m starting to come to terms with it but I’m not 100% there. Brandon and I have both researched the St. Louis area and tried to come up with a “bucket list” of sorts listing things we want to do and see once we get out there. We’ll have about two weeks before my new job starts so we’ll have to see the city a little bit and get familiar with our new neighborhood. As hard as it is, we know this is the right thing for us and our little family. The dogs are moving too (of course) and they seem pretty excited about it. Although, they are excited about anything that means a ride in the car so who really knows?

I’m excited to share all of our St. Louis adventures with you all! It’ll be different, that’s for sure, but we’re doing our best to embrace this season of change and keep open minds and open hearts about the change. It’s not the future we had in mind but we both agree to trust that God is leading us toward the future he designed. So long as we keep our trust in Him, we know it’ll all be ok.