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I hope you all had an amazing 2017! We obviously had a lot of big changes take place last year. I rebranded the blog in a big way and we moved from Atlanta Georgia’s urban hub to the mountains of Charleston, West Virginia. Trust me, I know what a big move that was and I definitely know how shocked a lot of you were when we made the announcement. It was an enormous change for us but one that we were absolutely certain was the right thing to do.

Initially, we came to West Virginia just to spend a weekend at my parent’s farm. We had teased a bit about moving here but it was never something we considered seriously…until May 13th, 2017. We were out at the cabin, my parents had fallen asleep, and we stepped outside to walk around the property. It was the most peaceful moment we’d felt in years. There was no city noise, no honking horns, no bright lights. There was nothing but us, the wildlife, and the stars above. My husband closed his eyes for a moment then whispered, “We should move here.” Immediately I said, “YES!” Two weeks later, we moved and we’ve never looked back. That was a huge Moment of Yes for us and we’ve partnered with Well Yes!® Soup to encourage you to find your own Moment of Yes this year.

Find your own Moment of Yes! with Well Yes! soup(s)

Moving here was a very inspired move for us and 2017 was a great launchpoint but we are planning for a huge Year of Yes in 2018. In 2018 we plan to say YES to a lot of new things.

We’re saying:

  • YES to new adventures
  • YES to our own little farm
  • YES to raising farm animals
  • YES to growing our own garden and crops

Truly, we’re saying YES to, well, change. It’s only been 6 months since we moved to West Virginia but a lot has changed in that short time and we have a lot of new goals for 2018.

Find your own Moment of Yes! with Well Yes! soup(s)

We feel closer to God and our marriage is stronger than ever. In the new year we’re saying YES to finding a new home church, sharing more faith-based content on the blog, and living in a way that relies on God’s naturally created earth.

We’ve been a lot more active too; hiking through the mountains and exploring the region. I have a lot of blog content coming up about exploring appalachia. It’s one of our biggest life and blog goals for the new year. We’re saying YES to hiking adventures, regional tours, and hopefully even white-water rafting!

We’ve also been opting for nutritious healthy ingredients when possible which is why we love Well Yes! soup(s) (download your coupon for Well Yes! soup(s) here). Well Yes! soup(s) are crafted with care and feature real ingredients like kale, sweet potatoes, quinoa, black beans, and other vegetables. There are no artificial flavors or colors so the vibrant colors you see in the soup is from natural ingredients. It’s just one more smart choice to make as you plan your own Moment of Yes!

Find your own Moment of Yes! with Well Yes! soup(s)

Find your own Moment of Yes! with Well Yes! soup(s)

I’m excited for 2018 and all that is going to bring to our lives thanks to our Moment of Yes! We have a lot to be grateful for and are looking ahead to an incredible year full of YES. We have a lot of (good) changes ahead and I can’t wait to share them all with you.

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What are you going to do this year to embrace a Moment of Yes!?