It’s been 3 1/2 weeks since my last post and I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to write another post on here. No, that’s not exactly true. I was about 99.8% certain I’d never write another post on here. I felt done with blogging. I felt done with social media. The whole business turned me upside down and the thought of doing it again was making me anxious and sick. I whined about it to my husband and my friends for weeks on end. They listened patiently and said if you want to quit – quit. So, I did except for that nagging 0.2% of me that wasn’t quite ready to let go.

Instead of 100% quitting, I took time off. I read new books, listened to new music, cooked new recipes, visited new parks, played with the puppies, went on date nights with my husband and never once thought about my blog. I lived my life without worrying about capturing moments on Instagram stories or taking photos for blog posts. I stayed in the present and I didn’t let the blog interfere for even a moment. And you know what…nothing happened.

I lost some followers on social media but only because I unfollowed them first. Frankly, I think they had me muted because they’d never interacted with me even once so losing them as followers isn’t really that big of a deal. My page views here on the blog didn’t change at all. There was no dramatic decline because I wasn’t posting every day. My archives are full and still bring in traffic.

I don’t know what I expected when I took time off. Did I think people were going to start emailing me out of worry and concern because I wasn’t on social media? Would my page views tank? Would the internet die? Would sponsors no longer be interested? Was the universe going to implode without another update about the life of Wilkins? I was legit scared to take time off but overwhelming stress forced me to step away and y’all – nothing happened. So, I guess that’s my life lesson in all this. If you need a break, take a break. It’s going to be totally fine. We’re just not that important and that’s ok.

I read a few new books while I was on my blogging hiatus.

The only one I actually enjoyed was The Wartime Sisters. Even though it is historical fiction, Where the Light Falls had way too many historical inaccuracies for me to enjoy it and Blackberry and Wild Rose was so droning and monotonous I could barely bring myself to finish it. The Wartime Sisters though was very, very good and reminded me a lot of my sister and I. I think it’s about $15 right now for the Kindle book and even though I loved it I wouldn’t pay that much for it. Maybe I’m just cheap but that seems expensive for a digital book. I would keep an eye on it though and snag it when it goes on sale because it’s for sure a good read.

Musically, I found myself checking out genres I didn’t listen to before and not only did I find myself feeling a lot calmer but I’m digging some of these new sounds. If you’re not already familiar with them, I highly recommend checking some of them out.

Oh, and the cat of one of my coworkers had kittens and she keeps texting me pictures. They are currently one week old so I have about 5 weeks to decide if we’re going to adopt one or not. I already have two dogs but guys…kittens!!! Ugh, I don’t know. Should I adopt one?