Brandon and I have wanted a weekend retreat for so long and this past weekend we were finally able to make it happen by taking a trip to Legacy Lodge at Lake Lanier Islands. We didn’t decide to go until Tuesday or Wednesday night. We were winding down at home and Brandon mentioned trying to take a trip to the beach soon. We both grew up in Florida and it’s been a while since we’ve been back. We thought about going in mid-May or late August (which we still might do) but then he mentioned the lodge at Lake Lanier. Despite living here for almost 3 years and Lake Lanier being really close by we had never been there. I called to see if they are pet-friendly so we could bring the pups and booked our room for Friday and Saturday night.

BTW, they allow pets in the Legacy Lodge and the Lakehouses for a $75 pet fee per stay. All pet-friendly rooms are on the ground floor.

Enjoy a weekend retreat at Legacy Lodge at Lake Lanier Islands

We over-packed (as we always do), loaded up the dogs, and headed off for a weekend at Legacy Lodge at Lake Lanier Islands

Normally I’m a total type-A planner and I’ll have every minute of our weekend planned out well in advance but Brandon asked me to let this weekend be plan-free so we could focus on relaxing instead. We ended up spending a lot of time letting the dogs run leash-free down by the lake, sitting on the swing overlooking the lake, and making smores by the fire pit behind our room. You can actually buy smores kits as a dessert in Bullfrog’s restaurant then take those kits to the fire pit outside. It was so nice to just be outside, chilling, and talking. The only goal for the weekend was to getaway from the stresses that come with careers, blogging, and city-life. It was perfect!

The lodge is on 1500+ acres and there is a TON to do there (golfing, horse stables, boat rentals, spa services, zip-lining, etc) so we are already planning our next trip. On the drive home this morning we were already debating about turning our May trip to Florida to another trip to the lodge. If we do, I’m definitely zip-lining! 

Enjoy a weekend retreat at Legacy Lodge at Lake Lanier Islands

Enjoy a weekend retreat at Legacy Lodge at Lake Lanier Islands

If you follow me on Instagram and watched my stories this weekend you know the dogs loved being off-leash by the lake. Wilkins spent a solid 10 minutes snapping at the water and chasing the tide away then turning and running when the waves came back toward the shore. It was so cute! The lake was busy but in our exploring, we had found a really secluded little hideaway spot behind the Villas. It was bordered on three sides but high rock walls so it was the perfect place to let them roam. We spent about 2 hours just walking around down there and letting them play. 

They don’t get nearly enough off-leash time here in the city so just being able to be outdoors on the lake with no plans or expectations was wonderful. They were exhausted by the time we got back to our room so we tucked them into their crates to nap. They can sometimes be difficult to travel with because they’ve been known to bark if left alone. When they are tired from being over-exercised they will sleep for hours which gave us time to check out more of the hotel. Of course, the hotel had my cell number so if the pups barked they could let me know.

Enjoy a weekend retreat at Legacy Lodge at Lake Lanier Islands

We grabbed dinner at Bullfrog’s (their on-site casual restaurant) both nights. They had a couple of good veggie options for Brandon which was nice and I discovered my new favorite cocktail (Jack Daniels Honey + Ginger Ale).

Otherwise, we just chilled. It was quiet, relaxing, and perfect. It was exactly what we needed and I feel so ready for the busy weeks and months we have ahead for us. It was such a great escape and knowing it’s so close to us makes me excited to know we have such a great retreat easily available. Now, to decide where to go in May…

What are your favorite weekend retreat destinations? Anywhere we should check out?