I am loving summer this year because my little indoor herb garden is flourishing! I recently harvested some of my hot & spicy oregano and soon I’ll have parsley and lemon thyme ready to go. It’s been a good year for my herb garden despite starting out with a small space and moving to the midwest. One day I’m going to have a huge backyard or patio I can fill with fresh herbs but until then, I’m maximizing the small spaces I have by adding shelving and investing in multi-purpose items like my Farmhouse Table Cart from Apt2B. 

Herb Garden Cart

There aren’t any windows in our current kitchen but I do have large, bright windows in our dining area so I have my herb garden cart sitting under the bar across from the windows. I dream of the day we’re in a home with bright kitchen windows that get a ton of sunlight. A kitchen with large windows and space for an herb garden is at the very tip-top of my must-have list for our new home. If we can’t find one, I told Brandon to be prepared for a little DIY renovation because I’ll knock down walls if I have to in order to get the windows of my dreams. 

Fortunately, our dining area gets a lot of direct sunlight which I take advantage of to keep our herbs healthy and happy. I have my indoor herb garden potted in ceramic pots arranged on the Farmhouse Table Cart from Apt2B in our dining room and every morning, I open the windows and let the sunlight stream in. It’s on rolling casters so it’s easy to move around as needed to make sure it’s getting the light the herbs need. 

herb garden cart from apt2b
Succulents on my herb garden cart

If you don’t have outdoor space for a large herb garden and your kitchen doesn’t get direct light, an indoor garden cart like this one is a great option. I highly recommend starting with a cart that:

  • Is made of durable weather-resistant materials so it can be moved indoors or out, as needed
  • Is on casters (wheels) so it’s easily portable
  • Is compact and lightweight

To get started with your indoor herb garden, you want something you can easily move around so you can maximize light and you want it to be able to handle the inevitable soil and water spills that are going to occur from time to time.

Lemon Thyme in my herb garden

I recently added Lemon Thyme to my herb garden because of its powerful medicinal benefits. It’s particularly beneficial for anyone prone to suffering from respiratory infections or bronchitis. It’s also a powerful immune booster so I like to brew it in a homemade tea from time to time. 

If you’re brand new to herb gardening I recommend getting started with something easy like oregano (I love this hot & spicy oregano variety) or rosemary. Rosemary is perfect for beginners because it’s one of the easiest herbs to grow and harvest plus it has a ton of great culinary and health uses.

Another ridiculously easy way to get started with an indoor herb garden is to pick up herbs in a bag by Smith & Hawken from Target. The herbs grow in the brown paper bag they are sold in so there’s no transplanting or potting required. It couldn’t be simpler and most carts, like my Farmhouse Table Cart, can easily hold at least a dozen or more.

indoor herb garden cart

Because we have dogs, I avoid putting potted herbs on the bottom shelf. Most herbs are perfectly fine for dogs to nibble on but since my dogs are nibblers they often eat so many there’s little left for me to harvest and use. Instead, I keep my herbs and plants on the top shelf and keep my gardening journal and book along with a basket of tools and gloves on the bottom. If you have cats, you could put a little catnip on the bottom shelf for them to enjoy. I’m sure they would appreciate it. 😉  

Just because you don’t have a big yard, a porch, or a lot of indoor space doesn’t mean you can’t start your own herb garden. You just have to think portable! As a bonus, you can repurpose your cart into a bathroom cart or bar cart if your living situation changes and you have outdoor room or a big kitchen. Since my Farmhouse Table Cart from Apt2B is already in our dining room, I see it holding a few bottles of wine and an ice bucket in the not-so-distant future. 😉 

Thank you to Apt2B for providing a complimentary Farmhouse Table Cart.