I remember being a kid and spending the weeks leading up to Christmas flipping through magazines and newpaper ads circling all the things I wanted for Christmas. I’m sure my parents allowed me to do that just to keep me busy and quiet for a few hours because I always ended up circling everything. There is no way that all my circles made Christmas shopping easier for my family and I don’t think I would have even noticed if a gift was from my “list” or not. These days, I still make lists for Christmas and I’m a lot more specific about the items I have my eye on.

This year I’m focused on building our home so I keep dropping not-so-subtle hints about home items I want for our living spaces. This is the first time in years I’ve felt settled at Christmas and since I know we won’t be moving for a while I feel like it’s actually worth investing in making our house feel like a semi-permanent space. We are hoping this is our last stop before buying a house so I feel good about building a collection of home decor and home items. I was browsing around online a few nights ago and thought it would be fun to share the home items I put on my Christmas wishlist this year.

Home Items on my Christmas list

I am trying to concentrate on making our little house feel more like a home this year. I want us to feel settled in and for our home to be a welcoming place we enjoy spending time in. I often feel awkward decorating a home but that’s what we have Pinterest for, right? Haha. I’ve been pinning home stuff like crazy lately and taking screenshots of things I really love so that when I’m out shopping I can pick up the things I need to bring our home together one room at a time.

These are 8 things I have my eye on right now and hoping to find under my Christmas tree this year.

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Dorel Living Jaya Accent Chair

I love, love, love this chair! I know it would probably become a dog chair but the stripes and stud detail is precisely what I’ve been wanting as the final touch in our main hang-out space.

Stoneware Bowls

I love stoneware and don’t have nearly enough of it in my home. I’m definitely a fan of natural textures and neutral colors so these bowls and storage containers are high on my wish list this year.

Sweed Valley Poof

Poofs have been trendy for year and I can’t get enough of them. This Sweed Valley Poof has the natural woven texture on top so it can be used as either a semi-solid tabletop or an ottoman/footrest. The natural texture would make it a great addition to our living space and precisely what I need to balance the heavy dark woods that currently dominate the space.

Cotton Striped Blanket

You can never have too many blankets and I’d love a couple of these striped blankets in various colors to hang on a blanket ladder. 

Metal Candlestick Holders

I love candlestick holders on a dining table and I have been looking for simple metal ones like these so I was happy when I found them on Amazon. Such a simple thing, but I love how candlestick holders finish off a dining room aesthetic.

Rustic Wood Serving Trays

These wood serving trays are so fun and I love the rustic finish on them. I’ve mentioned many times here on Honey & Pine Co how much I love heavy, dark furniture and home colors so these trays are kind of a no-brainer for me. I’d love to display them on my coffee table with a vase of flowers, stack of books, and candle. 

Metal Wood Wire Jar

Ok, so I don’t really know what I would put in this wire jar quite yet but I absolutely love the look of it and feel like it’s the metal on it would really help ground all the wood I have going on right now.

Seagrass Round Basket

I have a few plants in our living room in pots I absolutely hate. I’ve thought about painting them white, which is an option, but I also love the idea of slipping the pot down inside this large seagrass basket. It would look so earthy and welcoming, I love it.

In the new year, I really want my home to be a space I love and where I feel comfortable spending time. Right now, it’s in the process of getting there but I want to see the rooms come together and get the details in place. I’ve realized I need to add more textures and lighter neutrals to bring my space together so right now, that’s #goals.