I’ve always thought that dog moms were the easiest people to buy Christmas gifts for during the holidays. I mean, buy something for our dogs and it’s basically just as good as buying a gift for us. When in doubt, a cute dog sweater and a box of toys is always a great idea.

This year, I’ve really embraced being a dog mom and my pups are more spoiled than ever. I’ve also picked up more dog mom gear, a few dog mom shirts, a couple of canine-themed mugs, and I’ve spent way too much money on making sure that they feel at home in our new place even though I still haven’t bought items that were on my own list. It’s just one of those, “Who runs the world?” “Dogs!” kind of things, haha. So, if you have any pet parents on your shopping list this year, here are some of my best gifts for dog moms.

Check out this gift guide for the dog moms, pet parents, or dog lovers in your life and on your shopping list.

Best Gifts for Dog Moms

Dog lovers and pet parents love gifts that spoil their pups or remind them of their furry friends every day. This list of gift ideas contains suggestions that are ideal for dog moms everywhere so you’ll be sure to find something to please the dog lover on your shopping list this holiday season.

Pet Photo Saver

Check out this gift guide for the dog moms, pet parents, or dog lovers in your life and on your shopping list.

Wouldn’t it be great if your dog-obsessed friend could find pictures of their pet, on the spot, without having to scroll through all the photos in their camera roll? Pet Photo Saver is a lifesaver for dog moms who love to boast about their furry kids!  

Plug it in and watch it scan an entire digital photo album in minutes! The facial recognition software copies all pet photos to the Pet Photo Saver so with one tap of the finger an adorable digital photo album is ready to show off. Use code HONEY&PINE to save 40% off this great gift idea.

When I Needed a Hand Bracelet

This is my favorite item in this entire list. The bangle reads, “When I Needed a Hand, I Found Your Paw” and omg it just gives me all the feels! Study after study has proven that pet owners live longer, happier lives and  that dogs are good for helping to manage anxiety and other mental health disorders so this is an amazing reminder of just how much goodness our fur babies bring into our lives. If you were to buy a dog mom any item in this list, this bangle bracelet is the one to get.

It’s Not Drinking Alone Wine Glasses

This wine glass makes me laugh every time and we all know how good it feels to wind down with a glass of wine in the evening. You can never have too many coffee mugs or wine glasses so this is a cute whimsical gift idea for the dog mom that loves a little glass of red to end her long hard day of dog mommin‘.

Dog Mom Journal

This Dog Mom journal is a blank lined notebook so it can be used for any reason whatsoever. Encourage the recipient to record training notes, the results of daily walks (yes…I mean what time the dog dropped a #2), behavior notes, doggie memories, etc. Besides, it’s impossible to have too many journals, right? 😉 

Gifts for the Stylish Dog Mom

These gift ideas include dog mom apparel and accessories that every stylish dog mom would be happy to have in her wardrobe. 

Infinity Love Dog Mom Bracelet

I absolutely love this Infinity Love Dog Mom bracelet and think it would be such a cute gift for the dog lover on your list. It’s handmade, very affordable, and a great accessory for stylish pet lovers.

Plus, how cute would this be on the wrist of a hand that’s holding a dog leash? Exactly.

I Heart Dogs Hoodie

Give her something she’s going to love when those cold January and February nights arrive. This I Heart Dogs hoodie will look great and feel even better when she’s snuggled up with her pup in her leggings and this cute hoodie.

Dog Socks

If you’re going to get socks for Christmas they might as well be cute dog socks, right? You can never have too many socks and socks with a theme are always the best! They are affordable, whimsical, and useful which really makes them the perfect gift.

Gifts for the Dog Mom on the Go

Have a dog mom in your life that is always on the go – running errands, traveling, or just an extrovert at heart? These gift ideas are perfect for the dog mom that never stays home and loves to take her canine companion exploring with her.

Best Dog Mom Ever Tote

I love this adorable tote! It’s perfect for carrying your stuff to school or work and it’s extra-perfect for carrying all of your dog’s stuff with you for trips to the dog park, dog beach, or other dog-friendly locations around town. It’s easy to clean (which is so important for dog moms) and folds up for easy storage.

Dog Mom Tumbler

This tumbler is the best for dog moms everywhere! It’s colorful and features a variety of dog breeds so everyone feels included. It’s BPA-free and can keep drinks hot for up to 8 hours so if the dog lover on your shopping list is a road tripper or an in-town explorer this tumbler is likely to find a permanent place in her hand.