I don’t think it’s any secret that I love interacting with my blog followers on my Facebook page. It is, by far, my most engaged following and I love being on there talking with people, sharing photos, and telling stories. It’s a lot of fun and I feel like it’s the one place where I really get to know people for who they are rather than as a Twitter handle or a specific aesthetic. Facebook feels more human than other networks to me and I love it.

Whereas I use Tailwind to schedule Pinterest and ViralTag to schedule Twitter, I invest a lot of live time on Facebook. I know a lot of my followers on there by name. I know the names of their spouses, their children, and their pets. I share my life through my blog and I encourage them to share their lives in their interactions. It’s fantastic and even though Facebook can be super frustrating (like limiting reach unless we pay to boost our posts or run ads) there are great aspects to it too especially because it’s so easy to expand your reach by gaining likes and comments on your posts and posting content that is shareable. 

If you want to grow your Facebook page following one of the easiest ways to do that is to invite people who have recently interacted with your posts to like your Facebook page. I've grown my Facebook page by a lot by doing that and it's stupid easy!

I have invested a lot of time learning how to use Facebook and today I want to share one of the easiest ways you can grow your Facebook page. A lot of bloggers I’ve spoken to think that it’s hard to grow your Facebook page but it’s not, especially if you know this stupid simple option. 

Ready? Invite recent interactions to like your page

Yep, it’s that simple. I mean, obviously, not everyone that you invite is going to like your page but if you don’t invite them you’re missing out on the people that will like it and missing out on major growth possibilities. No one wants to leave followers on the table so send a quick invite and cross your fingers that they decide to be your FB pal.

Grow your Facebook page…

Here’s how you do it.

(By the way, the profile pictures and names of my interactors have been redacted to protect the innocent who did not give permission to have their images and names shared in this post)

Click the “likes” link

Under your Facebook post, click the hyperlink that shows you the names of the people that liked it.

I usually like to wait until late that night or the following morning so that the post has gained about as many likes as it’s going to get so I don’t leave anyone uninvited. I also absolutely hate to invite people shortly after they engaged on the post because that seems kind of stalker-ish to me. I’ve liked a post before and received an invitation to like the page about 2 minutes later. It usually weirds me out so I give it a few hours before I do it. It may not be a “best practice” but it’s worked well for me. 

Click Invite

2 // Didn’t I tell you that it was stupid easy to grow your Facebook page this way?

Once you click the link that indicates who liked your post you can easily see who already likes your page and who is waiting to be invited. Scroll down the list of names and click Invite next to anyone that isn’t already a page follower. This sends that person a notification that says “NAME OF YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE invited you to like their page”.

They can then either choose to visit your page and like it or ignore your invitation and go back to their regular lives. It’s a toss up but at least you extended the invitation. It’s better than leaving them ignored after they engaged with something you shared.

Grow your Facebook page 

And, there you have it! Now, you can just sit back and (hopefully) watch your page likes and interactions increase.

There are some days I get 3 – 4 new likes (as indicated in the screenshot below) and some days I’ll get 20 new likes, as I did last week.  

The most important thing you have to do once you get people to like your page is to actually try to engage them. Do not simply drop links and run. That gets you absolutely nowhere on Facebook. When you share links to your blog posts you have to include an introduction of some sort and encourage interaction with your post by asking for feedback, seeking opinions, or requesting that your followers post a pic or share a story. Tell them what to do and often you’ll find they do it.

I also like to post status updates without a link and seek out experts that may follow my page.

If I am thinking about baking a pie for an upcoming holiday I’ll ask my followers if they have any favorite pie recipes to share, any tips for pie crust, or pie decorating tips. If I’m considering starting a garden I’ll ask if anyone has recommendations for flowers or veggies that grow in the shade or advice for beginners. I’ll also encourage them to share links to their own blog posts in the comments so that I can read their posts and engage with their blogs.

The more you treat them like real people and engage with them the more they will return the love and care about you. So, send the invitation and then treat those that join your Facebook like real people with thoughts, feelings, and expertise to share with you in return. 🙂