Happy New Year! I’ve always heard that day to day it seems like nothing changes but one day you look back and see that everything has changed. That’s how I’m feeling tonight. All I can think as I sit here is, “How did we get here?” This year rings in our 7th new year together and it is our quietest one yet. Still, it somehow seems completely perfect.

A few years ago we never would have dreamed we would be looking for a little farm in the mountains and spending NYE at home. Never would we have dreamed we’d be relishing snow days, bundling up for 6-degree weather, and living for a view of mountaintops and pine trees. Our big dreams used to include city lights, warm weather, and beach days year-round. Day to day it never felt like much changed but sitting here tonight, it’s clear everything has changed.

Honey and Pine Goals for 2018

We’re happy though; happier than we’ve ever felt before and it comes with an air of quiet contentment. Life has been slower since we’ve moved north but there’s a lot of joy in our quieter life. It’s unexpected, but happy.

A couple of nights ago I sat down with Brandon to talk about 2018 and goals for the year. We wanted to do a “word of the year” together and Brandon suggested the word “cherish” for 2018. It wasn’t quite where my head was but I loved it so we went with it.

It’s our year to cherish – family, friends, time, marriage, life, etc. We both feel like we spent 2017 taking a lot for granted so we want to be more deliberate in 2018. We want to slow down and spend more time in gratitude cherishing the things in our life that bring us joy. I’ve taken that word and used it as the foundation for a few of my personal and blog goals for 2018 which I’m sharing below for a bit of accountability as the year progresses.

Personal Goals for 2018

Do more home cooking

I’m sure this seems like a weak goal but we eat out a lot. Since it’s just the two of us eating out is easy and we opt for it more often than we should. I want to spend more time cooking at home and finding joy in preparing meals for ourselves.

Learn to knit

I’ve joked with Brandon that moving to West Virginia has turned me into a grandma, haha. I want to work on developing some basic skills and this year that includes making fancy pie crusts and learning to knit.

Spend more time outside

In late summer / early fall I started doing more low-impact hiking in the mountains here and loved it! It felt so good to be outside and I want to do more of that in the new year. 

Honey and Pine Goals for 2018

Blog Goals for 2018

Create more videos

I’m not sure if I want to do this via Facebook or Instagram Live or if I want to do a whole YouTube channel. I’m  conflicted and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

Be more vulnerable on Instagram

Instagram is our curated highlight reel, right? I want to use the network to be a bit more vulnerable and show you more real-life. I rarely show photos of me because I’m really self-conscious. I tend to show shoes, hands, etc, but never my whole self. I want to work on that and be more open.

Grow my traffic

Of course, this is a goal every year so it’s nothing new. If you want to help me achieve it, share my blog with others. 😉

Happy New Year! I’d love to hear what you’re planning for 2018.