Last weekend I finally squeezed in a little time for “me time” and I’m telling you, it felt fabulous! This year we’ve been so busy preparing for the holidays, preparing for my work trip back to Atlanta, and settling into our new home that finding time for “me time” has been relegated to the back burner. I haven’t read nearly as many books as I’d like or baked any of the holiday treats I wanted to try this year. It’s been a season of overwhelm and I know a lot of you are feeling it too. This past weekend I finally said enough was enough and penciled a little personal time into the calendar for Saturday.

The weather here was cool but it wasn’t freezing so I threw together a pack full of water, snacks, a book (I Kiss Your Hands Many Times which is amazing!), and took off for one of my favorite spots in the mountains. I gave myself an hour to just sit out there and enjoy it. Of course, I wore my favorite new JORD watch to keep track of time because once I get into a good book all bets are usually off. 😉 

How to find time for "me time" during the holidays. Do it this year with a wood watch from JORD. #JORD #WoodWatches #SelfCare

That little spot on the top of our mountain has become my favorite place in all of Charleston. It’s about 5-minutes from home so it’s an easy walk and allows me to enjoy a little alone time – no dogs, no husband, no social media – just me. It was only an hour but it felt so good!

Plus, now that leaves have fallen and we can see through the trees I’ve been able to spot a lot of our natural wildlife. A couple of days ago I spotted a doe and her 2 youngsters at the little pond below the mountain. We first saw them during the late summer when the little ones were just babies. It’s been so fun to watch them grow as the seasons change. A few weeks ago I saw a coyote too so I was happy to see he hasn’t gotten his claws into one of the baby deer yet. I know it’s the natural order of things but I can’t help it that I want to see the gentle creatures survive.

It’s those same natural elements in the JORD watches that make me love them so much. When Brandon got one last spring I was so jealous! I mean, I tried not to show it but it was beautiful. His is a gorgeous dark wood with a red face (see men’s watches here) and my envy was strong. When JORD reached out to me this year with an offer to send me a watch of my own I immediately knew which one I wanted because I’ve had my eye on it for months. I requested the Frankie in dark sandalwood and emerald (see it here); I couldn’t be happier with it.


How to find time for "me time" during the holidays. Do it this year with a wood watch from JORD. #JORD #WoodWatches #SelfCare

The emerald face was an obvious choice for me. Emerald green is one of my favorite colors and it’s also the gemstone for May which happens to be both my birthday and our wedding anniversary. JORD also allows you to engrave the back of the watch and I handed that part of the order over to Brandon. I wanted the inscription to be something special from him since the face of it is so symbolic of our wedding day. 

I know it’s kind of hard to see in the photo below but it says,

We loved with a love that was more than love – Brandon 05/12/11

It’s my favorite quote from my favorite poem by my favorite writer (Annabelle Lee by Edgar Allen Poe)

How to find time for "me time" during the holidays. Do it this year with a wood watch from JORD. #JORD #WoodWatches #SelfCare

I hope you are all able to find time for “me time” this holiday season. It’s so important and I know we’re all terrible at prioritizing ourselves, especially at this time of year. Just remember, “me time” doesn’t have to be a full hour. Even if you’re only able to sneak away for 10 – 20 minutes, make the most of them and do something for yourself to make your heart sing.

My happy place happens to be reading on the mountain but it’s totally ok if yours is a 10-minute nap, a hot shower, or organizing your sock drawer (for real). 

How to find time for "me time" during the holidays. Do it this year with a wood watch from JORD. #JORD #WoodWatches #SelfCare

If there’s anyone on your shopping list this year that needs a good reminder to prioritize “me time”, I highly recommend shopping for JORD wood watches. They are absolutely gorgeous timepieces and are sure to be a big hit with everyone on your list. No matter their style there’s a watch to suit everyone. Take a look at their men’s watches here and their ladies’ watches here. If you’ve been eyeing the Frankie watch I’m wearing you can find it right here. I can’t rave about it enough. It’s stunning!

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Which JORD wood watch is your favorite? I’d love to hear which one matches your personal style! 

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