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What My Life as a Dog Mom is REALLY Like

With Mother’s Day coming up soon I want to give a little love to the dog mom’s out there rocking it day in and day out doing the best they can to raise dogs that aren’t total jerks. Can I just say – I see you and I know raising quality well-behaved dogs is hard. In fact, sometimes it’s downright frustrating and dog mommin‘ ain’t easy which is why I’ve partnered with Supreme Source to bring you a dog-mom Mother’s Day giveaway! 

Pet parents can enter to win a spa package including a $500 gift card and lots of great grooming products for your pet (plus, see the bottom of this post for another giveaway just for Honey & Pine Co visitors).

My dog is 5 and the best little thing that’s ever come into my life. He’s the sweetest little cuddle-bug, my playtime pal, and my hiking partner. He’s also the best watchdog I could ever wish for because if he even suspects he might have seen so much as a shadow he triggers a full-scale alarm convinced someone is trying to break in and kill us all. He has a wild imagination, that crazy dog of mine.

Dog Mom Confessions

A lot of people think being a dog mom is easy because we don’t face things like mom-shaming, but we do. Dog mom-shaming is a thing, I promise. It’s always over the most ridiculous things too like:

  • Letting my dog wear a t-shirt during the summer. He could over-heat and die!
  • Not making my dog wear a sweater during the winter. He could get too cold and die!
  • Not letting him say hello to other dogs. He needs to be socialized!
  • Letting him say hello to other dogs. You don’t know those dogs! Your dog could get sick.
  • Getting him micro-chipped. We don’t know enough about those, it could be bad for him.

There’s no winning as a dog mom and all I can say is you know your dog better than anyone else so you do you. In fact, today I’m teaming up with Supreme Source and laying it all out there with a few of my #dogmomtruth confessions because I want my dog mom friends to know, you’re so not alone in this.

Supreme Source Pet Treats

Dog Mom Truth #1 – He eats better than I do

I try to be health-conscious and eat well. My husband is a vegetarian and most of the time we do really well with our meal-planning but I’m not totally adverse to driving through somewhere when I’m in a hurry or ordering delivery after a long day. I’m always very particular about what I feed my dog which is why I have become such a big fan of Supreme Source® grain-free dog food and treats. It’s packed with protein, vitamins, antioxidants and provides complete nutrition for pets in all stages of life. Even better, it has no corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors or colors.

Supreme Source has been a family-owned company since 1972 and is still made in America from the world’s finest ingredients. It’s available nationwide at select grocery stores so, print a coupon and find a store near you or shop online at So yeah, maybe I don’t always make the best food choices for me but I am always certain that my dog only gets the best.

Dog Mom Truth

Dog Mom Truth #2 – ALL blankets are dog blankets

He’s not even ashamed in that picture, not even a little bit. There’s nothing I love more than snuggling up in the evenings for a movie night date night with Brandon; unfortunately, my dogs feel the same way about the snuggling up part. They both love to burrow under warm blankets which means every single blanket I bring into our home is almost instantly claimed and covered in dog hair. 😭

I’ve tried buying them their own dedicated blankets but it does no good at all. They only seem to want whatever blanket I am trying to use. I’ve given up the fight; they win.

Dog Mom Truth #3 – My entertainment budget buys dog toys

The only thing he loves more than plush toys is destroying plush toys and tearing the stuffing out. He’s just so dang proud of himself when he can gut the belly of a new toy and throw the stuffing in the air. As a result, most of my monthly entertainment budget goes to stocking up on new dog toys to keep him happy. I’m not even complaining though, the look on his face is totally worth it.

The people in our local pet store know me by name and it’s kind become a joke that I buy their entire stock of plush toys whenever I come in. I’m not really that bad, but it’s close.

Supreme Source Pet Treats are Grain-Free

Dog Mom Truth #4 – Your dog deserves the best too! 

As part of my partnership with Supreme Source, we’re offering one winner a box full of Supreme Source food, treats, and other swag items so you can pamper your pet with the very best they deserve. 

*Supreme Source is responsible for shipping the product to the giveaway winner. Learn more about Supreme Source.

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  1. I’ve always said that our pets live the life of royalty in this house. Their diet is absolutely amazing compared to the junk I sometimes have to eat, ha! I freak out if their treats are grain-free LOL They live the life!

  2. Our pets totally live better than we do. Dog mom truth — I work hard so my dog can have a better life. LOL! No but in all seriousness, if we could open up a no-kill dog shelter, we totally would. We LOVE dogs so much it hurts.
    And your little guy is so cute! I can totally relate to all of these.

  3. I lost my dog several years and I still miss him. Your dog is gorgeous, I love your pictures.

  4. I’ve never had a dog, I am 100% a cat person, but I can relate to some of this with my cat! She gets away with so much in our house and has become more of a snuggle bug since we had kids and sleeps on me every night.

  5. All blankets are dog blankets! Such a true statement. People shame for everything now-a-days, it’s really sad and I think we all just gotta do our best

  6. It’s incredible how much respect and love you have for your pup. We have a yellow lab, but he is our outside dog. We have three inside cats that are maybe a little too spoiled. Pets are precious and a part of our family!

  7. Your dog is so cute! You’re the best dog mom ever! I wish I could have a dog like this, too.

  8. Such a great post! Love these little truths, my dogs are definitely very spoiled too! Love being a dog mum x

  9. Aww your furbaby is SO adorable and cute!!! You are such a good dog Mama!!! We have a cat and she is the queen of our castle!

  10. I know a lot of pups that eat very well. We are so health conscious about our animals!

  11. I don’t have a pet in my house but I know most of the people who own a pet, treat them like a family. It feels so nice knowing that the is living a good life they deserve.

  12. My dog has been loyal and really good. I really like how he will sit in front of me and is protective of me and let others know that he cares about me.

  13. I love dogs. We have one cat but maybe someday we’ll adopt a puppy. 🙂 Don’t let the shamers bother you. 🙂 You’re obviously a good pet mama. 🙂

  14. Your dog is very cute. You do have some great pics of the two of you. And I have no doubt that all blankets are dog blankets. And for me, all beds are dog beds. Although I’m not sure I could deal with him humping my bed like he does his real doggy bed. 🙂

  15. Awe you dog is just too cute! Is it a miniature pinscher? My Stella would love those treats 🙂

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