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Develop the Skills You Need to Start Your Own Online Business

It’s almost a new year and I know a lot of you want to start your own online business soon. It seems that I’ve spoken to a lot of people lately about how I manage to balance running this blog along with working with my full-time career. I can admit, it’s hard. It’s really hard. It takes a lot of long hours, a lot of time management, and a lot of dedication to do it but I’m seeing results and that’s what really matters. 

When I talk to people about their dream of starting their own online business I hear a lot of excuses about how they don’t have the skills they need and can’t afford / don’t have the time to go back to school. Trust me, I totally get that. The idea of going back to school right now gives me anxiety too and I can’t imagine taking on the debt of student loans again. That’s why I want to share with you the site that I use to develop the new skills and/or sharpen the existing skills necessary to start and succeed in my own online business. It’s

 Learn how to develop the skills you need to start your own business today. Via Honey and Pine #blogging #smallbusiness #onlinebusiness

If you’re not familiar with, it’s a company that is owned by LinkedIn that offers courses and their own certification in a wide variety of different skill sets. They even have learning paths that will take you through the courses necessary to learn the skills you need to tackle different jobs or start a new career.

There are skill paths like:

  • Photographer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Animator
  • Illustrator
  • Writer / Editor
  • Content Strategist
  • Programmer
  • and so much more

There are videos, tutorials, examples, and case studies for just about every sort of skilled career that you can think of and you can take as many courses as you’d like each month so learn at your own pace. Subscriptions start at $19.99 / month but you can get a free trial here.

I currently average about 1 – 2 classes per week on to build my own skill set and help both my blog and my business grow. I’ve taken courses on WordPress, .php, .css, and content marketing to help me build and grow my blog. Those same courses plus courses on content strategy, writing, grammar, copywriting, business, and accounting have helped me manage my blog and my career.

I know people now that run successful graphic design or photography companies after learning all of their skills on and SkillShare. It’s an affordable way to learn at your own pace and truly develop the skills you need to find financial freedom with your own online business. I’ve used for years and it’s seriously been life-changing for me at a time when returning to university simply isn’t an option for my current lifestyle.

Are you ready to give it a chance? Just think about the life you could be living next year if you’d only start today! Go ahead, get your free trial.