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Exercise at your Desk with DeskCycle (Giveaway)

This post is sponsored by DeskCycle and includes affiliate links which help support Honey & Pine.

A couple of weeks ago Brandon and I were in Dick’s Sporting Goods browsing around. I was looking for something I could slip under my desk at work to help me burn calories throughout the day. I work a pretty sedentary corporate job which prevents me from being able to do a lot during the day to work out. Add in fighting Atlanta traffic, home responsibilities, and my blog hobby, and it doesn’t leave a lot of free time to work out. I know it sounds like #excuses, and to a degree it is. It also comes back to that whole idea that necessity is the mother of invention and I knew that someone out there had created something that did what I wanted. Dick’s Sporting Goods was a bust though – they had nothing.

When I got home that evening I went online to browse and research; that’s when I found DeskCycle. Apparently it’s been highlighted on a ton of TV shows (The Today Show, CNBC, BBC News, Fox News, etc) but I was out of the loop. I looked up a few of the video clips and was sold. It was exactly what I was looking for so I reached out to the company and they not only offered to send me one to share with you here on the blog but they sent an extra one for me to giveaway to one of you! Awesome!

 I had a few concerns…

Initially I was a little bit concerned that it wouldn’t fit under my desk with enough room for me to pedal or that it would be too noisy for me to use at the office without annoying my co-workers with the noise of the pedals and the machine. If that was the case my fallback plan was to use it at home while binge-watching Netflix but the goal was to be able to work out while I was in the office since I’m there for most of the weekday anyway. 

I needn’t worry.

At only 10-inches, the DeskCycle has the lowest pedal height of all pedal exercisers on the market and I had zero problem fitting it under the desk and pedaling all day long. I’m 5’2″ and had plenty of room but just to see how it would impact other (taller) people I had a couple of co-workers sit in my seat and test it for themselves. A couple of the guys were particularly tall and had a bit of trouble with their knees hitting the desk but with a few adjustments (pushing the DeskCycle farther away, lowering the seat) they were able to make the adjustments they needed. It’s also super quiet! In fact, no one even knew I had it at the office for the first three days. The DeskCycle uses a touch-free magnetic resistance system rather than the usual friction resistance so it’s smooth to pedal and very, very quiet. 

DeskCycle is easy to use and tracks your usage

I’m averaging between 12-15 miles per day on the DeskCycle right now which, to me, is pretty phenomenal. Almost immediately I was feeling a huge difference in my legs and my core from the constant movement and it’s felt incredible. Being sedentary at my desk all day has caused me to gain about 30lbs in the last 2 years and it’s taken a serious toll on my self-confidence. I’ve hated how much weight I’ve gained and how out of shape I’ve let myself become. The DeskCycle has been great for that! 

What I particularly love (in addition to it being easy to use, smooth to pedal, and super quiet) is that you can easily change the resistance making it easier or harder to pedal and there is a little fitness tracker that attaches to the front of the DeskCycle. If you’d like to, you can detach it from the bike itself and sit it on your desktop using the extra cord and stand provided to you.

The fitness tracker tracks the distance you’ve pedaled, your speed, the estimated calories you’ve burned, and the total time you’ve spent pedaling. It’s great for those of you that are tracking your activity each day and it helps you get an idea of how much you’re really doing to improve your health.

Is it accurate?

For a more accurate calorie count you can go online to and use their calorie calculator there.

On their website you input your sex, height, weight, distance, and time and they calculate the estimated calorie burn according to your statistics. For example, when I checked the counter on the bike itself it had estimated that I burned 349 calories during my day but when I went online to check using my measurements it indicated that I had burned 205.2 calories. I’m more trusting of the online calculator than I am the one on the actual DeskCycle itself just because it takes into accounts my actual body and age rather than a standard estimate based on some random person. Either way, it’s more about movement and cardio health than tracking a specific number of calories for me anyway.

Win a DeskCycle

For more specs and details about DeskCycle visit them at To purchase the DeskCycle for yourself, shop Amazon.

Now, are you ready to win your own? I’m giving away on DeskCycle to a lucky winner and I promise you, you’re going to love it! 

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  1. This is a great, and the fact that you can exercise while sitting at a desk and is amazing! That’s my biggest struggle with my job I work 8-10 hours and drive 1.5-2 hours round trip. I don’t want to work out and eat and then go to bed at night and that’s basically what I’d be doing and it’s hard!

    • Omgosh, that sounds like my commute! That’s insane and I totally get what you mean about it being hard to fit in time to exercise. That was my issue too and I’m loving this thing. It’s all legs but you definitely feel it. It’s a great device.

  2. This is such a good idea! I actually have a blood clotting disorder so I try to get up and walk around every hour or so to keep my legs moving, but this would be perfect for longer projects! So smart!

    • This sounds like it would be really helpful for you! You definitely get your movement in with it and it’s a really smooth device to pedal. It’s not jerky at all so I’ve found it’s not at all distracting while I work.

  3. Cool! I love that it is quiet- someone in my office has a desk pedal device but it can get very noisy and distracting. This would be so great to try out!

  4. I absolutely love this! I try (and fail) everyday to get some exercise in – this would make things a little bit easier!

    • Rebecca, I totally get the try + fail thing. Ugh. What do they say about the road being paved with good intentions? This would definitely make it easier but I know you’re taller than me so if you have a barrier in front of your desk where your feet are you may have trouble fitting it down there. In that case, I’d have it at home to use while watching TV or reading. 🙂

  5. As someone who works from home, this would be amazing because all I do is sit at a desk a lot of the day! This would be awesome!

  6. I like that I can get some exercise in while I am at wok.. I also like that I can input all my information and ind out how many calories i am burning.

    • Oh yeah, the calorie counter on the website is way more accurate. The counter on the device is great in that it tracks distance, time, and calories but really you’re better off putting your stats and the distance + time into the online calculator and letting it do its thing. I’ve found about an 80 to 100 calorie difference between the two counts.

  7. I love you can use this at your desk! I sit all day long so this would help me feel like I’m getting more steps in!

  8. I’ve actually always wanted to try one of these because I have weak thighs–and using stationary bikes is the best thing to stabilize my kneecaps.
    I would love to put one of these in the living room while I watch TV.

  9. I just found out about this. What a great way to work out while I grade my students’ papers!

    • Very true! On their website ( you can even watch videos of kids using them under their desks to get their energy out during the day. Fabulous idea! I know most school systems don’t have the $ to invest in it for all kids but it would be so great if they did.

  10. This sounds awesome. I liked the idea when you first mentioned it on Facebook, and now having read your full review, I think it sounds perfect for me. I’ll have to find out whether they’re available in Canada or ship to here, though. I think what I would love most about it is exactly what you describe, that I could work out while at my desk (since I’m *always* at my desk).

    • 🙁 It fits perfectly under my desk with room to pedal (I’m 5’2″) but taller people may need to push it farther away from them in order to have enough room to pedal without banging their knees on the desk. Just FYI on that because it’s the one thing I noticed that may cause some people an issue but there are workarounds (like using it at home).

  11. The 5 function display is awesome! Seeing my speed, time and calories burned will motivate me to keep going! I have always wanted one of these. So cool!

  12. This is awesome! I work a desk job too and this would be perfect to help me burn calories while sitting all day.

  13. Oh my gosh, I need this! I’m a remote medical coder, i.e. sitting at my desk all day every day. I need to burn off some of the coffee flavored sugar milk that I drink all day!

  14. I’m SO intrigued by this and would love to try it – I, too, have a desk job where I’m not up and moving very much – so when I *AM* at my desk it’d be nice to be moving/burning calories in some way!

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