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Cute Halloween Decor for Your Home

Two weeks ago we started decorating our home for fall. Every year I try to wait until it is officially fall before I start pulling the fall decor out and throwing it up everywhere. My husband love summer so I give him every minute of long summer days that I can. But, when that calendar flips over to fall I immediately bust out all of the pumpkins, leaves, and apple spice possible. It’s a beautiful time of year and I want to relish every second of it, I mean, other than Halloween.

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Other than it happening during the fall and there being an excuse to binge on horror movies, Halloween has never really been my thing. Nothing against it, I’ve just never really cared much for it. We do still get trick-or-treaters around our neighborhood and I like being part of the holiday, I just don’t go over the top with it. I usually decorate our home so it’s 80% fall and 20% Halloween. There’s enough Halloween decor to say, “Yes, we’re part of this holiday.” but not enough to scream, “Omg! It’s Halloween!”

I incorporate Halloween decor by including bottles or bowls in the kitchen, Halloween lanterns on our patio, and holiday pillows on the sofa. That’s usually enough and let’s me easily transition into Thanksgiving on November 1st. Whether you’re a Halloween-scrooge like me or you can’t get enough of the holiday, I hope you enjoy the themed Halloween decor I picked out for you below. I tried to keep it affordable yet cute so your home still feels inviting and cozy. 

Do you have any favorite pieces? I love the Joss & Main lantern and that white ghostly pumpkin from Kohls. So cute! I think they’d look adorable on our patio with our haybales. 

Do you have any items? Do you go all out with your Halloween decor or are you more of a holiday minimalist like me?