Happy May! I skipped my Connect: April update because I was busy actually connecting and living my WOTY. I ended up writing this update post instead and moving on with a missed month in my Connect series. Oh well. I’m choosing not to stress over things like that this year and it’s been great for my mental health. So I missed a month…whoop-de-doo. I’m back and it’s May and I’m excited about the month ahead. There’s a lot going on.

Brandon and I chose “Connect” as our word of the year for 2019; at the beginning of each month I’m sharing a check-in to update you on how we’re living our word of the year. Our goal is to spend this year connecting with each other, with our new city, and with our community so we can feel rooted in life and content with our day-to-day.

April – Recap

I mentioned it here but April really was about disconnecting from the online universe and reconnecting with my real life. I cooked, read books, watched movies, took the puppies to the park, and explored more districts of St. Louis with Brandon.

A few people I follow on Instagram are always talking about a place called the Maypop Shop in Webster Groves so Brandon and I headed down there to check out their garden store and buy some new succulents. Our succulent garden now includes Peter, Spike “Mr Jones” Jones, Matilda, and Lizzie. Lizzie is my new Haworthia and I introduced her on the blog a couple of weeks ago.

We also spent more time down around Main St and found a dog-friendly restaurant called R.T. Weilers. The food was average but the atmosphere was fun and I’ll go back just so the dogs can enjoy being by the river with us. I’m hoping to get down to the botanical gardens soon since it’s finally warming up and all of the flowers are blooming brightly. The MO Botanical Gardens shared pictures of their Japanese Garden on Instagram a few days ago and it is gorgeous!!

May – Looking Ahead

When I wrote my Connect: March post I mentioned wanting to participate in a 5k later this year and I’m still working toward that goal. I want to lose weight and I find that I really enjoy the time that being in the gym or walking/running allows me to have to get lost in my own head for a while. I find that I shed so much stress during that time and it’s helped boost my confidence which has been pretty dang low lately.

I also mentioned making plans for picnics at the park, another trip to the zoo, exploring outdoor malls, and touring at least 1 of Missouri’s 6,400+ caves. We’ve done a little of that. Trips to the outdoor malls and weekend lunches at the park have definitely been happening but we haven’t made it back to the zoo quite yet. We were going to go last weekend but we had raging storms that kept us locked inside instead. Mother’s Day is this month which is always very hard for me so I’m doing my best to keep my calendar as packed as possible until it’s over so I don’t have time to think about it. Every year I promise myself that I’m not going to let it bother me but every year it still does. Our journey to parenthood is looking bleaker and bleaker every month but I guess I still have a little bit of hope I’m holding on to.

I’m also hoping Brandon and I can get away for a weekend this month. I’m not sure where we would go (Nashville, maybe?) but it’s something we’ve been thinking about just to spend a little time together and decompress.