Happy February! Is anyone else out there glad that we are able to put January behind us and move on with the rest of 2019? Between having the flu and the polar vortex bringing Missouri double digit negative temperatures I’m ready to hurry through the rest of winter and start enjoying some warm spring days. January wasn’t kind to me for a variety of reasons so I’m ready to file it away as a rough start to what I’m hoping turns out to be a beautiful year.

Brandon and I chose “Connect” as our word of the year for 2019; at the beginning of each month I’m sharing a check-in to update you on how we’re living our word of the year. Our goal is to spend this year connecting with each other, with our new city, and with our community so we can feel rooted in life and content with our day-to-day. 

January – Recap

I came down with the flu in January that had me laid out for over a week. I had a fever that kept fluctuating between 101.5 and 102.8. I pretty much slept for 4 straight days and had a hard time keeping down anything that I ate or drank. It was miserable. Wilkins could tell that I was sick because he was glued to my side. He wanted to cuddle me until I felt better and I wish that is all it took. If a dog’s love could heal the flu I’d have been cured in like 10 minutes, haha.

Brandon started feeling sick about 2 days after I did so we basically just quarantined our house and gave ourselves the space and time we needed to heal. That whole 8+ days isn’t much more than a blur so I’m sure I’ll remember January as freezing, snowy, and forgettable. It was truly a miserable month and I didn’t accomplish about 70% of the things I wanted to do. Oh well, on to February I suppose.

February – Looking Ahead

February started off looking a whole lot better than January! We had temperatures in the low 60s and all we wanted to do was get outside and soak up the sunshine but we kept ourselves inside so we could finish healing. We both still have a few nagging symptoms of the flu and we knew that if we tried to do too much too soon we were going to find ourselves feeling worse than ever. You can’t rush healing so we forced ourselves to stay home and continue getting better. I did open up the windows downstairs to try to air out the germs and let some warm fresh air inside.

Groundhog day was this past Saturday and Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring this year. I know he’s normally wrong but this year I’m hoping he’s right! As much as I love winter, I’m just over the polar vortexes, freezing temperatures, non-stop snow, and icy roads. At the very least, I’m over the negative temperatures and icy roads because there are things in the city I want to do and this winter weather keeps holding us back. This coming weekend is supposed to be in the 40’s so we still might not get outside but I’m determined to at least visit the art museum or go bowling with friends. I know I’m sounding kind of whiny but being sick really threw me for a loop and I didn’t get to start this year nearly the way I’d hoped.

I hope your 2019 is off to a better start! If you haven’t had your flu shot yet make sure you get it because you do not want to be as sick as I was; I promise you it was absolutely miserable. Now, on to a better and healthier 2019!