HAPPY SEPTEMBER! I know a lot of you are jumping for joy right now over the thought of fall finally beginning but I’m desperately clinging to the these last couple weeks of summer. We moved in June and summer has flown by this year. I want the long warm days to hang on a little while longer so we can squeeze in more of those summer vibes. 

Brandon and I chose “Cherish” as our word of the year for 2018; at the beginning of each month I’m sharing a check-in to update you on how we’re living our word of the year. Our goal is to stay focused on taking time to appreciate where we are in life and being content with our day-to-day. 

We are settling into our home and learning our way around our little St. Louis suburb. We’ve started scoping out historic neighborhoods, discovering new shops, and enjoying local parks with our dogs. It took us a while to find our vibe here but now that it feels that we have I want to reboot summer and enjoy it all over again. 

Then again, hot cups of tea and my favorite potato soup do sound amazing so maybe fall is welcome to arrive after all. 

September – Looking Ahead

Right now, we are still focused on Brandon’s healing and he’s documenting his experience on YouTube. It is frustrating to watch him suffer like this and I do still have a lot of anger over the entire situation but he’s healing and every week feels a little better than the week before so I’m trying hard to find hope in each little improvement and hold on to faith that, soon, he will be ok. 

I’ve also had to take some time away from the church to focus on my own personal relationship with God. I’ve also had to learn that it’s ok to need that time to build a personal relationship and not allow others to make me feel bad about leaving the church or guilt me into going back when I’m not ready. For all of the love and community I’ve found in the church I’ve also experienced a lot of judgment and self-righteousness which just isn’t what I need on my heart right now. I’m working on things by myself and talking to God one-on-one when I need to speak with Him. Sooner or later I know I’ll find the right faith-based tribe for me but right now I’m in a new place of discovery and I need to walk that walk solo for a while. 

We’re still focusing on personal wellness as well. I’ve lost 3.5 pounds over the last month which has been good for my self-esteem and I’ve started doing meditations and yoga in the evening to calm down and relieve some of the day’s stress and anxiety.  

This month, Brandon and I are also starting to follow an alkaline diet which is exciting for us. We’ve been doing it for the past two weeks but we’re starting to really focus on it in September. We both feel a lot better when we focus on alkaline foods. Sure, it means I’m going to the market a lot more often but it’s worth it. Within days we felt a huge difference in our bodies as well as how we slept so we’re sticking with it. I’ve also been drinking green tea nightly and lately, I’ve been adding Manuka Honey from New Zealand into the tea. Manuka Honey provides health benefits you can’t get from regular honey so we’ve been sure to use it in place of sugar or other sweeteners. I’ll be sharing more about Manuka Honey in a post soon.

Overall, I’m feeling good about how August ended and I’m looking forward to September, even as fall shows up and ushers in the cooler weather. I’m already missing summer but I’m hoping fall is a beautiful season for us.


Ashley & Brandon (and the pups)

Oh, and also keep an eye on our Instagram because we’re planning a big branding shift soon! You’ll likely notice it there first. 😉