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Can Dogs Eat Eggs?

I always get anxious around the holidays because I’m scared some well-intentioned guest is going to feed my dogs something they shouldn’t eat. There are common dog food no-no’s like sugar and chocolate but there are other foods I haven’t always been sure about like, can dogs eat eggs? carrots? I’m always a bit on edge during Easter because my family goes all-out celebrating the holidays and there is so much that the dogs can get into if we’re not careful. 

During our first Easter together a friend of ours slipped my cheagle a nibble of scrambled eggs from her Easter brunch plate and I immediately flipped out. I asked everyone within earshot, “Can dogs eat eggs???” and no one knew so I was frantic trying to Google and call our vet to find out. He has a sensitive stomach and the last thing I wanted was him out in the yard getting sick all over the Easter egg hunt. I finally got our vet on the phone and was panicking saying, “My dog ate eggs! Can dogs eat eggs? He ate scrambled eggs!” Turns out, dogs can eat eggs and they are actually pretty good for them. They offer a protein boost and can settle digestive upset so if you’ve been wondering about eggs, rest assured it’s ok for your pup. My dogs actually eat eggs in their food at least once a week now that I know eggs are safe for them. Still, it’s important to make sure you’re keeping your dog safe this Easter because accidents can happen so I recommend having the emergency vet contact info handy just in case. 

Can Dogs Eat Eggs

Easter and the start of spring bring fun, warm weather, and family gatherings, but this time of year can be dangerous for dogs. Here is a little info about common Easter food and general safety tips for your pup:

Can dogs eat eggs?

Yes, they can and as I mentioned earlier they can be a good source of protein and ease digestive upset however you still need to be careful. Our vet recommends avoiding raw eggs due to potential (albeit rare) side effects such as salmonella. It’s recommended to cook eggs before feeding them to your dog and serve them up plain (no oil, butter, salt, seasonings or additives). Basically, keep the omelets and deviled eggs away from your pup! They can eat eggs but the other stuff is likely not so good for them.

Can dogs eat carrots?

Yes! Carrots are super healthy for dogs and offer a lot of nutritional value. Our dogs love to gnaw on frozen carrots but it’s safe to give your pup either raw or cooked carrots. They are both healthy options and make a nutritious addition to meals. We give our dogs carrots in place of treats as a reward for good behavior because it’s healthier and the dogs are just as happy.

Is chocolate deadly for my dog?

Potentially, yes. Your dog can get very sick from eating the chocolate-ly contents of an Easter basket (especially dark chocolate) but it’s not just the chocolate you need to worry about. Other types of Easter candy can be extremely toxic to dogs as well. At best, chocolate and candy can give your dog an upset stomach. At worst, it could lead to death and no amount of chocolate is worth that.

Keep the plastic grass filler away

Plastic Easter grass filler is commonly used when decorating baskets but if it’s highly dangerous if consumed by your dog. Dogs can’t digest plastic and the plastic grass can become tangled up in their intestinal tract. If that happens your dog is likely to experience nausea, loss of appetite and stomach pains. Removing the grass may require surgery. If you need Easter basket filler paper grass or other paper confetti is a much safer alternative.

Be cautious with plants and flowers

Spring is the start of the gardening season and our home is overflowing with flowers and houseplants, especially at Easter, but those Easter blooms can be poisonous to dogs. Tulips and daffodil are very common at Easter but are toxic to dogs. They can cause heart issues and require trips to the emergency vet. Keep your dog out of the garden or put up flowers and plants where he can’t be tempted to nibble on them.

I hope you (and your dogs) have a safe and happy Easter! 


  1. It’s really important that we know what our dogs can eat and can’t eat. I love giving them eggs but not that often. It’s really healthy for them and it helps with their development.

  2. Oh wow! I’d never think to give a dog a carrot. Ha! And good tip about the plastic fillers. Dangerous for sure!

    • I put a couple carrots in the freezer so I can give them in place of chewy bones. Just don’t let the dogs eat them on the carpet or rugs because the carrots can leave stains. I make them keep it on either the hardwood floors or outside.

  3. Awesome post and I hope it gets read by many. When we adopted our Shepherd Chow mix rescue baby he was already almost a year old. I had heard the never give a dog chocolate, although, that was all. I fed him eggs, carrots, peas, grapes(which he would not touch) and other foods thinking I was doing right by him. Now, I have read up and know some of it wasn’t smart (like leftover half cookies.)

    • You can definitely feed him eggs, carrots, and peas. Those are all super good for him! I’d avoid the leftover cookies though or anything with too much sugar because that can upset his belly. Another thing I like to do is freeze chicken broth in ice cube trays. They go insane for them.

  4. Really great post and really helpful. I am a new pet owner so I have a lot of questions what my pup can or cannot eat. I think I’m going to give him some eggs for breakfast tomorrow.

  5. Oh I never knew eggs were good for dogs, that’s really great information and really helpful for dog owners.

  6. My pup loves eggs. He also enjoys certain fruits that are dog approved and cheese. My Yorkie has allergies and tummy troubles so he takes his pills in cheese.

    We had a dog jump up on my husband’s desk while we were gone and we came home to find her super sick. She ate a bunch of mini M&M’s. She regretted it because she had a major tummy ache. My husband forgot to close the office door and he never thought twice about her getting up on his desk.

  7. This is so informative and helpful post. I avoided sugar and sweet things but other than that my dog loved everything. He had a pretty healthy lifestyle, he was 15. My friend has got a new addition to their family, I will share this post with her.

  8. This is definitely good to know! My old dog used to eat eggs so I’m glad to know they’re good for dogs… she also used to love avocado which is apparently not good at all for dogs, so good to read things like this.

    • Avocado can be good for our dog as long as he doesn’t eat the avocado pit or skin. One of our favorite dog foods has avocado in it. It’s great for their skin and fur.

  9. This is such an important article, and helpful too! The other day the puppy I was babysitting decided to sneak into my pack of mentos gum, the fight to get it out of his mouth was not fun at all, but I’d rather put up with that than anything else.

  10. We’ve never had a dog, but I’ve always wondered about this. In movies, it always shows the kids feeding the dog whatever they don’t want to eat and the dogs are always fine. Good for you for being a responsible pet owner, double checking, and sharing this knowledge with others!

  11. Carrots were my dog’s favorite snack. I may have used the dog’s good habits to try to persuade my kids to eat their veggies.

  12. Thank you for this! I Have a 6-month-old beagle, but I don’t know much about dogs (except of course, they don’t eat chocolate etc). 🙂

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