It’s summer reading season! We’ve been spending a lot of time by the pool over the last couple of weeks and I’ve learned that all I really need to be happy is a pool, a summer cocktail, and a good book. I’ve been spending so much time reading poolside this spring and summer that I’ve had to increase the SPF I’m using to avoid sunburns. I intend to only go out for an hour but the next thing I know it’s 3 hours later and I’m a lobster. If you’re going to be tearing through your summer reading list by the water this year please be sure to remember your sunblock! A high SPF is your friend (melanoma is serious business and a tan isn’t worth it).

I’m currently working on finishing the last two novels on my 2018 summer reading list because I still haven’t read every book on my list. I still have My Ex Life and She Was the Quiet One to go. If you missed my summer reading list last year go check it out. Every book on there was fantastic and highly, highly recommended!

Books on my 2019 Summer Reading List

I read a lot of historical fiction novels so this list is pretty heavy on the genre but I also enjoy a good mystery during the summer. I added a couple of the upcoming mysteries that caught my eye too. They each sound like such a good cozy read!

Historical Fiction

  • The Golden Hour by Beatriz Williams
    • The New York Times bestselling author of The Summer Wives creates a dazzling epic of World War II-era Nassau—a hotbed of spies, traitors, and the most infamous couple of the age, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.
  • The Lost Girls Of Paris by Pam Jenoff
    • 1946, Manhattan. Grace Healey is rebuilding her life after losing her husband during the war. One morning while passing through Grand Central Terminal on her way to work, she finds an abandoned suitcase tucked beneath a bench. Unable to resist her own curiosity, Grace opens the suitcase, where she discovers a dozen photographs—each of a different woman.
  • The Summer Country by Lauren Willig
    • When family secrets begin to unravel and the harsh truth of history becomes more and more plain, Emily must challenge everything she thought she knew about her family, their legacy . . . and herself.
  • The Stationery Shop by Marjan Kamali
    • From the award-winning author of Together Tea—a debut novel hailed as “compassionate, funny, and wise” by Jill Davis, bestselling author of Girls’ Poker Night—comes a powerful love story exploring loss, reconciliation, and the quirks of fate
  • Mistress of the Ritz by Melanie Benjamin
    • A captivating novel based on the story of the extraordinary real-life American woman who secretly worked for the French Resistance during World War II–while playing hostess to the invading Germans at the iconic Hotel Ritz in Paris–from the New York Times bestselling author of The Aviator’s Wife and The Swans of Fifth Avenue.

Mystery / Thriller

  • Never Have I Ever by Joshilyn Jackson
    • A diabolically entertaining tale of betrayal, deception, temptation, and love filled with dark twists leavened by Joshilyn Jackson’s trademark humor, Never Have I Ever explores what happens when the transgressions of our past come back with a vengeance.
  • Dear Wife by Kimberly Bell
    • CAN SHE ESCAPE THE PERSON SHE ONCE LOVED? Beth Murphy is on the run… For nearly a year, Beth has been plotting to leave her abusive husband. This is her one chance at freedom–one that requires a new look, new name and new city. Each part of her plan has to be carefully thought out, because one small slip and he will find her.
  • Tell No One by Barbara Taylor Sissel
    • Caroline’s search for Hoff (her father) soon uncovers a host of disturbing clues and draws a threat of violence. Her mind churns with memories of her troubled history, while Harris is losing the battle against his own demons. But for both of them, confronting the truth could prove life shattering.

History / Non-Fiction