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50 Ways To Lift Your Spirits

Over the last week, I’ve had a lot to smile about here around Honey & Pine.  I had a blog post go viral, made a lot of new friends, had a great job interview that I’m feeling optimistic about and aced a major project for school.  I’ve been feeling pretty good which is ... READ the POST

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

I recently started reading Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen.  I’ve had that book since it’s release and the movie for about a year and haven’t read/watched either so it was high time to buckle down and get to it. I wanted to watch the movie but I had heard such great ... READ the POST

Why Your Crush on My Husband Is Not Ok

Something happened a few weeks ago that I have debated back-and-forth about whether or not to share here on Honey & Pine. At first I thought it was a private matter, but the more heavily it has weighed on me the more I feel the need to share and explain my feelings on ... READ the POST

Encouraging Bible Verses When You Feel Hopeless

Ever feel like you need to read a few encouraging Bible verses when you feel hopeless? That's where I was a few days ago. I turned to my Bible because I needed to read a few Bible verses for when you're feeling hopeless because I couldn't seem to get past this ... READ the POST

Sybil Exposed by Debbie Nathan

Sybil. It is one of those names that seemingly can't be spoken aloud without everyone thinking of the young woman with 16 multiple personalities who was the subject of a bestselling book and a television movie starring Sally Field. Every psychology student in America has ... READ the POST

Bible Verses For When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

If you've been feeling stressed, anxious, or just about to break, read these Bible verses for when you're feeling overwhelmed. They'll help you reconnect with God and find peace in His plan. Lately, I've really needed to read these Bible verses for when you're feeling ... READ the POST