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5 Habits That Could Ruin Your Marriage

Brandon and I have our fair share of bad habits like not making the bed or forgetting to put dirty clothes in the hamper even though it's literally sitting inside the closet door. Our bad habits are frustrating but could they potentially ruin your marriage? No, I don't think ... READ the POST

Christmas Eve Traditions to Begin This Year

I love holiday traditions and Christmas Eve traditions are near the very top of my favorites list. I start reviewing community calendars around October looking for holiday events, and parades. I plan shopping schedules, cookie baking, and decorating parties. It's ... READ the POST

Fun Date Ideas for Christmas

I love coming up with fun date ideas for Christmas, especially since we don't have children to help us enjoy all of the family activities. There is something so beautiful and precious about seeing the holiday joy sparkling in the eyes of children but since we don't have ... READ the POST

Thanksgiving Traditions for Couples

I grew up with a lot of Thanksgiving traditions. It's always been a huge holiday in my family. When I was growing up in south Florida the one big vacation we took every single year was to West Virginia to spend Thanksgiving with my Dad’s family. The memories are ... READ the POST

The Best Horror Movies for Halloween

Ever since meeting my husband I've seen some of the best horror movies. Until we met I never watched horror movies. I didn't understand who in their right mind would deliberately seek out something designed specifically to scare them. Comedies were my go-to movies of choice ... READ the POST

50 Ways To Lift Your Spirits

Over the last week, I’ve had a lot to smile about here around Honey & Pine.  I had a blog post go viral, made a lot of new friends, had a great job interview that I’m feeling optimistic about and aced a major project for school.  I’ve been feeling pretty good which is ... READ the POST