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12 Bible Verses for Women

Sometimes I feel like I really need to read Bible verses for women. I read the Bible sometimes and feel like it's so focused on men that I feel lost and lonely. There have even been days when I've read my Bible and sat wondering, "What about me? What about the women? What is there in ... READ the POST

Trying to Conceive After Miscarriage

It's so hard to figure out when it's time to start trying to conceive after miscarriage. When I lost my first pregnancy in May, 2014 I felt nothing but depression and anger for months. At times, I didn't know how I felt. If my husband, parents, siblings, or friends brought up the subject of ... READ the POST

Learn to Love the Home You Have

A few months ago I read Love the Home You Have by Melissa Michaels and adored it. It is one of those books everyone should read, especially if you are: Stressing over keeping up with the Joneses Struggling with discontentment over your home or your possessions Feeling inadequate in a ... READ the POST

Must-Have Pet Supplies Before You Get a Dog

We got our dogs years ago and I was missing so many essential pet supplies before bringing them home. Admittedly, it took me longer than expected to figure this whole dog ownership thing out. Until I owned a dog in 2010 I was a hardcore cat person. By comparison, cats are easy. A cat is happy ... READ the POST

Book Bloggers Should Charge for Book Reviews

Book bloggers, we need to talk. You may not know this about me but once upon a time, I was a book blogger. I received hundreds of books and didn't charge for book reviews. I ran a book blog for four years (2010 - 2014) before I finally abandoned that part of the blogosphere. I quit. I gave up. ... READ the POST