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Our WOTY for 2019

This year when I sat down to try to choose a word of the year (WOTY) I felt like all the words were speaking to me. I wrote down the words I felt pressing on my heart and at one point, no joke, I must have had a list of 60+ words. It felt overwhelming so I decided to take a ... READ the POST

Easy Christmas Cookies for Your Dog

Earlier this year I started getting into baking homemade dog cookies for my dogs as an extra way to spoil them and shower them with love. There are definitely dog treat brands we love but sometimes it just feels nice to make them something special myself. Since it's ... READ the POST

Protecting My Pups From Cold Weather Hazards

I've made no secret about winter being my favorite season and I'm happy to report that Wilkins loves it just as much as I do. He loves running around and playing in the snow even though it's cold and his tiny little paw pads are prone to cracking from the icy temperatures. ... READ the POST

Cozy Winter Vibes + Good Books + Hot Cold Brew

I was asked by Carusele to participate in the #WarmUpToColdBrew campaign, sponsored by JAVA HOUSEĀ®. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own. I feel like I say this every time the seasons change but - this season is my favorite! I love winter, but I grew ... READ the POST

Our 2018 Christmas Cards

Our Christmas cards from Minted have arrived (on ugly sweater day at work, haha) and I'm loving them so, so much. I know you all probably expected to see a picture of our dogs on the cards but...surprise!!! there's not a furry face to be seen. I grew out of the photo holiday ... READ the POST

9 Best Gifts for Dog Moms

I've always thought that dog moms were the easiest people to buy Christmas gifts for during the holidays. I mean, buy something for our dogs and it's basically just as good as buying a gift for us. When in doubt, a cute dog sweater and a box of toys is always a great ... READ the POST