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Life (in the Suburbs) is Killing My Soul

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you had everything you wanted and suddenly realized you don't want it at all? That's the pity party theme I've been throwing around over here lately because guys...I'm pretty dang miserable. I hate to admit it but it's true. When we moved to St. ... READ the POST

My Favorite Alternative to Linktree

If you've been looking for a while to drive more traffic to your blog from Instagram and you're looking for an alternative to Linktree then today's post is for you my blogging friend! Around the middle of last year I decided to make a social media shift and start dedicating more time and ... READ the POST

Connect: February

Happy February! Is anyone else out there glad that we are able to put January behind us and move on with the rest of 2019? Between having the flu and the polar vortex bringing Missouri double digit negative temperatures I'm ready to hurry through the rest of winter and start enjoying some warm ... READ the POST

Wilkins…My Real MVP

The Westminster Dog Show is coming up! Are you guys ready? It might not be a big deal to some people but in our house, it's a must-see event and we're ready to watch all the gorgeous dogs parade across our TV screen and compete for Best in Show. This year, the Westminster Dog Show is sponsored ... READ the POST

Coconut Oil & Blueberry Breath Mints for Dogs

This past weekend we had a second winter storm come through Missouri so we found ourselves homebound once again. We thought about heading downtown for the Ice Loop Festival but the roads were icy and we opted against risking it. Instead, we stayed home to snuggle the pups and research details ... READ the POST

Snow Day Update + Life Lately

We were hit with quite the winter storm over this past weekend and our neighborhood received over 10-inches of snow. All throughout our neighborhood there were kids sledding down hills, people walking around on cross-country skis, families building snowmen, and dogs running around playing. ... READ the POST