An at-home movie night has become our favorite go-to “date” nights but we used to be theater junkies. When Brandon and I were first dating we’d go to the movie theater at least once a week, if not more often. We’d see everything, whether it was a favorite genre or not, just because we loved settling in with popcorn and watching movies on the big screen with surround sound. We saw some amazing films and some not-so-great films but I’ll never forget the first one we ever actually walked out of – Conan the Barbarian (2011).

Listen, I love Jason Momoa as much as the next girl but that movie was bad. After about 30 minutes Brandon whispered to me, “This movie is bad.” and I just nodded. Then I whispered back, “It’s terrible. Do you want to leave?” He quickly agreed. We were dating and he didn’t want to upset me by being that guy but we were both ready to check out. We spent the rest of the night at a coffee shop talking about what we’d seen of the movie, how it compared to the original, and similar movies we’d seen and loved. It turned out to be one of the best dates we’d ever had.

Popcornopolis Nearly Naked Movie Night

That night we also learned that we enjoy talking during movies which doesn’t go over really well in a crowded theater so we started planning at-home movie night dates instead of movie theater dates. We grab some snacks and snuggle up under a blanket on the sofa or in the bed to watch a movie. Our AppleTV makes it simple to watch almost anything we want and it’s way cheaper than going to the movie theater multiple times per week. The cost of movie theater tickets is insane and let’s just not even talk about the costs of snacks. I mean…my God! We can make popcorn at home for at least 1/5th of the price of movie theater popcorn and it tastes better.

Our favorite at-home movie night snack is the Organic Nearly Naked popcorn from Popcornopolis. It’s a white popcorn popped in coconut oil and perfectly salted. It is oh-my-god-off-the-charts delicious and, even better, it’s just 33 calories per cup! You can get it at Costco and from April 19th – May 13th it’s only $3.49 a bag (it’s normally $5.39). Plus, since you guys know how much we love supporting companies that give back you can feel confident shopping Popcornopolis. They are committed to giving back to the community and have raised more than $15 million for non-profit groups by partnering with organizations that support youth and education across America.

Popcornopolis for an at-home movie night date night

When we’re having an at-home movie night, we can talk during the movie all we want and no one can shush us. Plus, did you know that movie therapy is a thing? It is! There’s actually a thing called movie therapy or cinema therapy that uses movies to get couples to talk about situations or issues they may not otherwise discuss. Apparently, we’ve been doing it for years we just didn’t know what it was, haha. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve played out the following conversations:

During Shaun of the Dead:

“Babe, if there was a zombie apocalypse and you were bit, I wouldn’t kill you. I’d find a way to chain you up and keep you with me even if you were the undead.”

“Yeah, I couldn’t kill you either. We’d just have to find a way to make it work. Either that, or I’d let you bite me so we could just wander around together. Undead, but together.”

“Promise?” “Promise.”

During Anchorman 2:

“Would you stay with me if I was blind? I mean, I’m sure you’d stay with me if I was blind but like if I was blind and having a hard time adjusting and turned into a major bitch over it, would you still love me?”

“Of course. We’d just have to find a new way to live and it would be a big adjustment but we’d figure it out. We’d probably have to get another dog though, a helper dog because our current dogs would be useless.”

There’s a list of 8 recommended movies right here that therapists actually suggest you watch together along with questions to get you talking. Who knew? An at-home movie night just might save your relationship! 

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Have you ever heard of movie therapy to help your relationship?