At the beginning of this year I shared my personal and blog goals for 2018 with all of you and I figured it was about time I checked in and gave y’all an update on how all that is going with me. I wanted to share an update in June but with our move to Missouri and my career change there was so much going on and it completely slipped my mind. 

For the most part, I stayed pretty on track during the first part of the year with my personal goals but didn’t start focusing on the blog goals until the last month or two. With my career change, our move, and Brandon’s recovery from benzos my blog just wasn’t a priority. Now that we are finding our way to our new normal I’m working on getting my blog and online life back on track. 

My personal goals for 2018 were:

  • Do more home cooking
  • Learn to knit
  • Spend more time outside

My blog goals for 2018 were:

  • Create more videos
  • Be vulnerable on IG
  • Grow my traffic
An update on my 2018 personal and blog goals via @honeyandpineco #goalsetting #bloggoals

So, how are we doing?

The Personal Goals

Moving to Missouri really threw a wrench in our plans for this year but we are feeling a bit more normal these days. St. Louis is actually a fabulous little city and we live in a great suburb. We were knocked off course for a few months but overall, we’re doing well.

Do more home cooking

I’ve done really well on this personal goal and we are cooking at home a lot more often than we used to. There used to be weeks we’d eat out 3 or 4 times per week (yes, for real) but we are down to about once a week, on the weekend. We realized we were eating out because we were bored in the evening and it gave us something to do together. 

We don’t watch much TV and we got tired of watching movies years ago. We don’t have children and like to go out so eating out became our go-to pastime but it was expensive! We’ve started going to the gym together every weekday which has been fabulous! We’re spending time together, getting healthier, and saving a lot more money. Our combined gym membership is about equal to what we’d spend on one dinner out which is just insane to me. Plus, when we go out to eat now we often just stop in for brunch or a dessert which is much more affordable.

Learn to knit

Ok, so, I was doing a lot better on this goal before we moved! I had ordered yarn and knitting needles and had found a few YouTubers I liked with tons of videos about how to do basic stitches. I felt pretty good about learning the basics but I packed the needles away when we moved and only unpacked them earlier this week.

I’m hoping to find someone or somewhere locally to take a knitting for beginners class and learn a few things so I can make my own scarves or blankets this winter. I was really enjoying it while I was doing it but I haven’t picked it up lately. 

Spend more time outside

We’ve done well on this goal and I’m proud of us for that. Going to the gym and eating at home has made us a lot more health-conscious. We’re eating a lot of fish and veggies, going on longer walks with the dogs, hanging out by the pool, going to the lake, and spending time at the park where Brandon plays basketball. 

I’d love to buy new bicycles soon so we could go riding together but I may put that off til the spring because I don’t see us using them much during the upcoming fall and winter.

The Blog Goals

I took time away from the blog after we moved so I could focus on our personal lives and on my career. I needed to spend what time and energy I had on the things that were the most important. That being said, I have made pretty good progress on the goals I set.

Create more videos

This wasn’t exactly something that I can claim for me because it’s actually been Brandon that has been making videos for our lives and our blog. I’ve done better about creating IG stories which I really wanted to do this year but Brandon has been making videos for our YouTube channel to share about his mental health journey and his recovery from benzos.

I want to create more of my own but at least something is happening on the video front. I still have no idea what I’m doing with video editing but I’ll probably start looking into learning more about that later.

Be vulnerable on IG

What I meant by that was to share more photos of myself on my Instagram. I tend to share pictures of things rather than of myself because of my self-loathing. I bought a tripod and I’m learning to use it with my camera to take photos of myself to share on IG and here on the blog. I’m not doing great with it but I’m feeling a little bit easier about showing my face, especially now that we’re in the gym again and I’m feeling happier about my smile.

Grow my blog traffic

This one, well, it is what it is. Haha. This is always a goal with bloggers and I’m doing my best but it’s tough when I’m working full-time and the time I have to invest in promoting my blog is limited. I’ve focused primarily on building my page views through SEO which has been working. I’ve been getting about 60% of my traffic through Google and other search engines so I’m not complaining although I’d still like to build more community. 

Overall, 2018 is progressing well and we’ve shifted some of our focus over toward wellness goals which has been a lot of fun for us to do together.