Any time I’ve ever struggled to come up with lifestyle blog post ideas I’ve loved reading lists of ideas from other lifestyle bloggers. There’s a lot of inspiration to be found in the creative ideas of others. While I usually have my content calendar planned at least 2 – 3 months in advance there are still times I feel stuck, creatively. Often, I have a small journal in my bag so I can jot down ideas whenever they strike so I have a fallback plan.

If you’re struggling for content ideas, I hope you find inspiration in the list of lifestyle blog post ideas for spring I’m sharing below.

Ashley LaMar in the garden at Capital Market in Charleston, West Virginia talking about lifestyle blog post ideas
Lifestyle blog post ideas for spring
  1. Photo tour of your hometown
  2. Your favorite time-saving hack
  3. Different mason jar salad combinations 
  4. Top picnic destinations in your area
  5. Review various wines and talk about picnic pairings for each selection
  6. Share your favorite blogging tip or service
  7. How you stay motivated in life or with blogging 
  8. A travel bucket list (try a themed list like the national parks you’d love to visit or exotic islands you want to see) 
  9. Tour a local botanical garden and share your experience
  10. Share top tips for caring for flowers or your garden
  11. DIY floral arrangements
  12. Review your favorite books
  13. Monthly or seasonal life goals
  14. Spring tablescape inspiration or ideas
  15. Share highlights of a historical neighborhood near you
  16. Things making you happy right now
  17. Your outdoor fitness routine
  18. Spring road trip ideas
  19. What you snack on to stay healthy
  20. Recipes for spring treats
  21. Share a DIY gardening tutorial
  22. Offer your top tips for starting a herb garden
  23. Your favorite childhood memory of springtime
  24. A tutorial for something you love
  25. How you transition your wardrobe from winter to spring
  26. Offer advice for wearing your favorite spring wardrobe trends 
  27. Your go-to spring skincare products
  28. Post a recap of a local farmer’s market and highlight some of the vendors
  29. Tech gadgets or apps you use every day 
  30. The best Spring Break you’ve ever had
  31. Share your best tips for outdoor entertaining
  32. Your best blogging tip for new bloggers 
  33. Talk about your favorite cleaning products 
  34. Share top tips for home organization or spring cleaning
  35. A book or movie that changed your life
  36. Give advice for hosting a backyard bbq
  37. Share your favorite bbq recipes
  38. How you manage your social media
  39. Share a spring cleaning before / after of an area in your home
  40. Your tips for creating a successful social media account
  41. Do a hair tutorial for a favorite spring style
  42. One of your coolest experiences as a blogger
  43. Do a tutorial for updating old home decor for spring
  44. Offer tips for maximizing the extra hour of daylight with daylight savings time
  45. Share ideas for celebrating Earth Day
  46. Create a recipe for Easter brunch
  47. Talk about what Easter means to you and how you celebrate
  48. Ideas for April Fools Day pranks
  49. Spring clean your closet and share tips for what to do with items you’re getting rid of (upcycle? donate? etc.)
  50. Review a local cafe or outdoor eatery
  51. Give ideas for a Spring break staycation

I can’t wait to see what other lifestyle blog post ideas you come up with to share this spring! Spring is one of my favorite seasons for content because I’m able to share more outdoor experiences, gardening, farmer’s market hauls, etc.

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