These laundromat hacks have saved my sanity lately, especially since our new machines have been delayed over and over again.

Nothing screams, “You’re an adult” more than finding yourself celebrating the arrival of a new washer and dryer. The apartment we rented in Atlanta included a set but moving to Charleston meant that we needed to shell out for machines of our own. We ordered them three days before we moved with an expected arrival date two days after we arrived. Sadly, nothing ever goes as planned.

For one reason after another, the new appliances were delayed and we found ourselves having to make trip to the local laundromat over and over and over again. I don’t know about you, but a trip to the laundromat is nowhere near the top of my “fun things to do on the weekend” list. Fortunately (or unfortunately, I guess), this wasn’t our first foray into the world of laundromat use and we have a few laundromat hacks to make the trip a little less awful.

5 Laundromat Hacks to Make the Trip Less Terrible

1 // Sort before you go. Do not (I repeat, do not) leave your house/apartment without first sorting your laundry. You can use cheap laundry bags like these (grab ’em for $5!) to separate your whites, darks, colors, towels, delicates, etc. before you get to the laundromat. This way you don’t have to spend time fighting over tables and trying to save machines while you’re separating your jeans from your blouses.

2 // Hide your delicates. I hate flashing my undies around the laundromat and I’m sure you do too. Keep your delicates out of public viewing and away from prying eyes by bundling them up in mesh bags before you leave home. This set comes in various sizes so you can sort your stockings from your bras. When you’re ready to wash, just toss the bag into the machine.

Discover our top laundromat hacks to make a day at the laundromat a bit less stressful. Via @honeyandpineco

3 // Use garment bags to avoid wrinkles. Rather than spending tons of time folding everything that comes out of dryer, put items on clothes hangers and hook them up inside of a garment bag (like this one for $5!). Then, when you get to your car just hang them up on the hooks or handles by the doors in the backseat. This is great for pants, dresses, and wrinkle-prone blouses.

4 // Carry Tide pods. These little Tide pods are the absolutely easiest way to manage your detergent at the laundromat. Just grab one and toss it into the machine as it fills up with water. No more worrying about spills or fretting over measuring out the right amount of detergent. If you’re using a 2x or 3x machine, add an extra pod. Measuring detergent has never been so easy. 

5 // Use reusable dryer balls. Save money by using reusable dryer balls (like these or these) instead of dryer sheets. You can often reuse them for up to a month so if you do a lot of laundry like we do you’ll definitely notice a big savings! If you want to really save money, try to DIY a dryer sheet by just rolling up a small ball of aluminum foil. Seriously, it works.

Bonus hack!

I also love the Laundry Day – Care Symbol Reader app. You can get it for $0.99 in the App store and it’s great for laundry-haters like myself. All you have to do is scan the laundry tag and it’ll read the laundry care symbols and tell you how to care for the item. Genius!