How to Write an About Page (My 7-Part Process, 3 Things to Avoid, and a FREE Checklist)

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If you’re anything like me, when you find a blog or a biz that piques your interest, you hop over to the About page to find out a little bit more about this fascinating new discovery.

You have so many questions! Questions like, “Who is this person? What do they really do? What services / products do they offer? How does it benefit me? Where can I read more? Where do they come from? Where do they live now? What movies do they like? What’s their favorite book? Do they prefer tea or coffee? What’s their favorite football team? How did they meet their husband? How long have they been married? What’s their favorite color?


Ok, so most of those questions are an exaggeration but from the content I’ve seen on hundreds of About pages, it seems that a lot people think those are really the questions that you want answered. In the last week alone I’ve seen 5 About pages where the blogger or business owner has listed their favorite color. *Facepalm* It’s fine to include that if you’re a graphic designer, branding expert, or an artist but if you are literally anything else, no one cares.

I’m not trying to be mean, I’m trying to help you create an About page that actually works for you! It’s not a throwaway page. It’s not something that you just toss up on your screen and forget about. Other than your blog posts, it could be the most important page of your entire site.

Is that something you want to write in 15 minutes and then forget about?

No, I didn’t think so.

You see, after your blog post content and Home page, your About page is likely to be the most popular page on your entire website. I have to clarify “after your blog post content and Home page” because it never fails that when I say, “it’s likely to be the most popular page on your entire website” I receive dozens of emails telling me that I’m wrong and their About page doesn’t rank until in the 20’s on their Google Analytics report! So, I’m going to clarify again. Your blog posts should be the most popular content because you should be sharing them on Facebook, pinning images regularly, and tweeting them at all hours of the day and night. They should be attracting you traffic because you’re hustling and working hard to gain those visitors.

How often are you marketing your About page?

Yep, I didn’t think so. I don’t market mine either (side note: if you actually do market your About page you need to email me like asap because I want to talk about that strategy…).

So, you’re not marketing your About page and yet, it still ranks higher than most other pages on your website. Obviously people want to know more about you, right? Of course! Now, this is where it starts to get important. Just because people want to know more about you doesn’t mean they want to know your entire life story. They don’t care about where you were born, all of the places you lived, every pet you’ve ever owned, or what you love to eat while you are binge-watching Orange is the New Black. I mean, it’s not that you can’t put that content in there, you can, but you have to lightly sprinkle it in, don’t just dump it on the page and think it’s going to work for you. You’re going to have your readers rolling their eyes and clicking away.

I specialize in About pages. In fact, I like to think I’ve come pretty close to mastering the art. They are my absolutely favorite pages to write for clients and there is a simple 7 part process to follow if you want to try to write your own (if not, contact me and I’ll help you out. #shamelessplug)

The 7 Parts of an Amazing About Page that CONVERTS!

Now, listen to me. I’m going to outline my 7-part process for you below but it’s very important that you pay attention because parts 1 – 3 must be done in order.  Get that? MUST. BE. DONE. IN. ORDER. You can mix up parts 4 – 7 if you want to but 1 – 3 must stay exactly as I’ve written them below.

Part 1 – The Benefit to the Reader

What?! You mean the About page isn’t about ME? No, it isn’t. I know that it sounds counter-intuitive to write an About page that isn’t actually about you but I promise that we’ll get to you in a second. The real reason that a reader clicks to your About page is to figure out more about how you help them.

Ask yourself this question, “What do I do for them?” and then tell them the answer at the top of your About page. Talk to your reader. Let them know that you can help them organize their home with your simple easy-to-follow cleaning schedules and homemaking tips. Tell them that you are here to help them make mealtime hassle-free with your 30-minute meals that use everyday ingredients. Share that you’re going to make their lives as a solopreneur running a home-based business so much simpler with your systems and processes. Sell the benefit first because that hooks them and keeps them reading.

I also offer up a freebie right here and a way to subscribe. It’s one of my highest converting opt-ins, just FYI.

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Part 2 – Your Background and Experience

Do not (and I repeat, do not) get personal right up in here. This is not the time nor the place unless it relates directly to the benefit you’ve offered. This section is all about what qualifies you to do what you offered up in part 1. If you said that you can help them make mealtime hassle-free then go ahead and tell them it’s because you went to culinary school but never pursued your career as a chef because you settled down and had 5 children. Now, instead of cooking 5-star meals in a fine dining restaurant you’re cooking 30-minute meals that please even the pickiest of eaters.

Give yourself authority here and explain why you’re the go-to person for this service/product/tutorial/advice/etc. If you offer something that they can buy or hire you for, add a CTA so they can connect with you.

Part 3 – Your Services and Products

It is possible to roll this up in Part 2 if you offer very specialized services and you don’t have a wide variety of services, products, and courses. As you expand, you’ll want to be sure you add this section into your page.

If you do offer a variety of products, services, courses (free & paid) you want to link to them here and make sure it’s eye-catching! You don’t have to do much in the way of copy to sell them on your page (this isn’t the time to be pushy) but you do want to let visitors know that they can check out your offerings.

This is where you can start mixing up the order.

I don’t follow this exact order on my About page and you don’t have to either. You do have to have all of these same parts but you can mix up the flow to match your style, voice, tone, and design.

Part 4 – How to Opt-in / Subscribe

Since your About page is one of the most frequently visited pages (pages, not posts, remember?) on your website, it’s ridiculous and foolish to not have a place for people to opt-in to your mailing list or newsletter. Offer up a freebie, give them something enticing, or offer access to your resource library.

Remember, people clicked on this page because they want to know more about you so give them a way to go all in.

Part 5 – Share a Little About You Personally

This is where you can personal, showcase your personality, and talk about your kids/dogs/travel/hobbies/whatever. Try, if you can, to relate it back to your benefit / experience.

For example: if you’re a travel blogger that loves to indulgence in pizza try to relate it to a trip to Italy, dreaming of a trip to Italy, or a favorite Italian bistro you visited on one of your adventures. If you’re a fashion blogger that loves to go camping, relate to how much you love being able to flip the switch and be low-key and chill in hiking boots and tanks for a weekend. Then, there’s always this little rule – “If in doubt, leave it out” and know that you don’t have to disclose everything about yourself!

You can also do like I did and give a little nod to your husband/partner if they contribute to your business by adding a photo and describing their role in what you do.

Part 6 – Link to Your Popular Content

One more time for the people in back, since your About page is likely to be one of the most popular pages on your entire website, take advantage of this traffic and direct them to your most popular content. Not only does this help decrease your bounce rate but it also keeps these visitors engaged. The more visitors engage, the more they are likely to turn in to repeat visitors, subscribers, social followers, and eventually customers or clients.

I try to link to between 6 – 10 posts depending on how similar they are in content, how much traffic they bring in, and how popular they really are. I also run my analytics at the end of the month and update these links as needed.

Part 7 – Give Up Your Contact Info

Even if you have a contact page (and you definitely should!) you should link your email address and social media links on your About page. If a person has read all the way through your page and wants to contact you or connect with you, make it easy for them. Build relationships and encourage connection.

3 Things to Avoid on Your About Page

  • Personal details that are unrelated to your niche (a surgery you had 6 years ago, a move you made when you were 7, a favorite TV show when you were a teenager, etc).
  • External links that take readers away from your website! Just…NO.
  • Anything negative or controversial (politics, religion, parenting styles) unless it is directly related to your niche.

Wowza! Well, that’s it. That’s my 7-part process and I hope it’s helped you find clarity with your About page process. If you need help, I’m always just an email away! (Don’t forget to grab your checklist!)

Is there anything you struggle with on your About page? Any other pages giving you trouble?

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