Customizable WordPress Themes for the Genesis Framework

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I have used tons of different blog themes but I’ve learned to only use WordPress themes that are built on the Genesis Framework. In previous iterations of Far Beyond Love I used themes that weren’t built on Genesis and it was a disaster. The themes weren’t as customizable as I’d like, the load time was slow, or the design code was messy. I usually switched away from it within a week or so because it was a mess.

Now, if a theme isn’t built using the Genesis Framework I don’t bother even trying it. I don’t trust them anymore. All of my favorite blog theme designers (Hello You Designs, Restored 316 Design, Pretty Darn Cute Design) build their WordPress themes using the Genesis Framework. It’s safe to say it’s an industry standard.

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The Genesis Framework is clean and easy to build on so the child WordPress themes designed for it are usually quick to load and clean. There are also a ton of plugins designed specifically to be compatible with the Genesis Framework. In addition to the customizable options in the theme, the plugins let you customize it further. If you’re not familiar with the code required to build wordpress themes, this is what you need. The plugins let you change things in your design without touching the parent code.

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You have to purchase the Genesis Framework separately from your blog theme but it’s a one-time purchase. After you purchase it, you can change wordpress themes without buying the Genesis Framework again. You also receive updates directly in your WordPress dashboard so you can update it right there too. It’s stupid easy.

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Here are a few of my favorite highly customizable WordPress themes built on the Genesis Framework:

Hello You Design

Restored 316 Designs

Pretty Darn Cute Design

I love all of the themes from these three designers but they are so different. I’m currently using a theme from Hello You Design. If you poke around their sites though, and you’re familiar with Far Beyond Love, I know you’ll recognize more than a few of their looks! 😉 

BTW, the most important thing, is to pick a theme YOU love. Trust me, I have chosen themes based purely on how functional it is but ended up hating it. When you find one you love, buy it. You’ll know when it feels like YOU.

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