Weekend Adventures

After spending last weekend in Myrtle Beach for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5k Beach Walk,  Brandon and I decided to spend this weekend hanging out at home with our pups instead of heading to Ohio as planned. When we were in Myrtle Beach they stayed behind with my mom and we didn’t want to abandon them two weekends in a row. 

We spent most of Saturday being lazy at home but Sunday was such a gorgeous day I decided to take the dogs out for a long walk / mini-hike. There are a lot of hilly trails around our neighborhood and with dry cold temps in the upper 40’s and low 50’s I thought they’d enjoy exploring a bit. I was kind of right. My chiweenie, Wilkins, loved every second of it but my chihuahua was definitely not impressed. I’m certain he would have preferred to be in our pet backpack but I didn’t think he’d need it on such a short walk. I was wrong.

Hiking in appalachia

This trail runs about a mile and a half so it wasn’t that far at all although it seemed to take forever with these two little guys tagging along. Wilkins wanted to stop every 2 seconds to sniff everything he saw and a couple of times he was started by a rabbit which led to a barking frenzy. Tebow just wasn’t having it and he stopped every few feet to look at me with a pleading look of, “Can we please go home now?” I just know that winter is going to arrive next month and we won’t be able to get out there and enjoy walks like this. We’ve been told to expect a harsh winter this year so we’ll be sticking closer to home until spring.

Hiking in appalachia with a chiweenie

Hiking in appalachia with a chihuahua

I hope to get them out on the trails every day this week because next weekend we’ll be out at my parent’s hunting lodge for Thanksgiving and they’ll have plenty of room to roam free and explore. 

I’m loving fall in West Virginia. It’s so different from last fall in Atlanta but I think it’s a lot better. It’s gorgeous here and the cold weather feels perfect. The dogs are happy to have more outdoor room to run while Brandon and I are enjoying having extra excuses for movie nights cuddled under blankets while sipping on hot apple cider. 

I hope you’re all enjoying fall this year. What’s your favorite thing about this beautiful season?

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