We Tried PupJoy and My Dogs Loved It

A couple of weeks ago I decided to order a box from PupJoy to try out with my little dogs. I haven’t been quite myself lately as I’ve been feeling a bit less than chipper as I struggle with feelings of inadequacy over yet another year passing without a little one in our family. It’s been rough but I try not to dwell on it. I also try not to take it out on my dogs because their poor little sweet souls don’t understand my sadness. They do understand that sometimes I want extra cuddles with them and sometimes they will try to lick the tears as they fall but they don’t really understand why I feel so sad.

I thought it may be a good idea to indulge the furry little love mongrels (as my husband so lovingly calls them) so I reached out to PupJoy and asked if they had any interest in sending my boys a box. They readily agreed to send a review box my way so I could check it out, spoil my boys, and share it with you (if you’re interested in trying them out you can get $10 off a welcome box today).

 Our PupJoy Review

I was a bit bewildered when I ordered the box because their Q&A was far more comprehensive than most of the little welcome survey’s I’ve taken for subscription boxes. It felt like PupJoy really wanted to “get” my dogs so they could send things they knew they would enjoy. 

They asked about my dogs’ size and breed, their chewing preferences, if they had any food allergies, whether they preferred plush or tough toys, and so much more. I explained that I have little dogs who are heavy chewers who love plush toys but have a tendency to destroy them quickly. I also told PupJoy that while my dogs don’t have any food allergies I do try to feed them as healthy as possible. After completing such a comprehensive questionnaire I was really excited to see what they would send. They sent Tebow and Wilkins a truly personalized, all-natural, artisan dog box and we were all excited at the unboxing.

They could smell the treats before I even opened the package and were sitting at the edge of the tile in the kitchen like good little boys. I think it was Charlie’s Cheddar Chomps that had them the most excited so I indulged them with cookie each.

 Our PupJoy Review

Truly though, my favorite things were the two treat dispenser toys. I appreciated that PupJoy paid attention to the fact that I have two dogs so they sent two treat dispenser’s so they wouldn’t fight and one tough toy that was big enough for both dogs to play with at the same time.

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I was in a funk and was really needing a little dog-free time so I tucked a few small nibble-sized treats we had in the doggie cabinet in to the treat dispenser’s and handed them over. The dogs were occupied for at least an hour as they tried to knock the treats out. I am about 10000% certain that they felt far more loved than neglected so it was a total WIN. 

Brandon and I are already onboard with ordering another box for the boys but I have a feeling that much goodness every single month would be a little over-indulgent for our dogs. Fortunately, PupJoy offers monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly delivery options with the ability to edit or cancel a subscription at any time so I think we’re going to sign them up for the quarterly subscription. That way they are rewarded but not so often that they don’t recognize it as a special treat. 

Not to mention, at prices that range from $23 – $44 per box, free US shipping and a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, a quarterly delivery is right up our alley. If you’re interested in trying them out you can get $10 off a welcome box today.

 Our PupJoy Review

Unlike other companies, PupJoy offers a Pup Points© Loyalty Rewards program that pays customers cash back on purchases and renewals, as well as $20 for friend referrals. It is the only customer loyalty program of its kind in the industry.

They also play a part in helping those that do good, do well. As a socially conscious company, PupJoy helps their customers give back through their Helping Paws program, supporting animal rescue in partnership with BISSELL Pet Foundation. They also work directly with small independent manufacturers; companies who are focused on superior product quality and who have socially responsible practices.

In addition to their own charitable efforts, many of their manufacturing partners have programs to give back to causes themselves. It is something that they actively look for in our partners, and it is one of many ways that their customers can feel good about buying from PupJoy.

Are you ready to give them a shot? You can sign up here.

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