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7 Ways to Have a Better Morning

Somehow, moving back to West Virginia has taught me how to have a better morning and not dread the early hours so much. Six months ago I would have laughed in your face if you told me that was going to happen. but once we got settled into our new place I found myself waking up early, excited about cooking breakfast, and enjoying more fulfilling days.

I’ve found a morning routine that works for me and that I actually look forward to each day. My days are more productive and even though I’m waking up earlier I feel more rested. I credit all of it to the 7 little changes I made to my morning routine.

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coffee and cookies to help have a better morning

Even if you are not a morning person there are things you can do to set yourself up for a better morning. I happen to hate mornings but these 7 tricks make them a lot more pleasant.
  1. Wake up to the sun – The sunrise streams through our master bedroom window and hits the bed right across the pillows. I open the window blinds a little bit before going to bed to allow the light in. It slowly brightens our room which wakes me with the sun. It’s much gentler than a blaring alarm and feels more natural. I set my alarm as a backup but I almost never sleep until it goes off. If you don’t get natural morning sun this sunrise alarm simulates the sun so you get the same benefits.
  2. Indulge in (limited) social media – There are people telling you to avoid social media in the morning but I actually hop on social media first thing in the morning. I check to see what’s trending on Twitter in case a big news story broke and browse Instagram to see what happened the night before. I limit social media to 15 minutes then start my day. 
  3. Keep flexibility in your schedule – I’m amazed by people that wake up and run off to a 5am yoga class. I couldn’t do it. Waking up and immediately having a place to be doesn’t set me up for a blissful morning but it does for a lot of other people. Find what works for you and stay flexible. I’ve started using this Good Morning Sunshine yoga class with PraDeep Teotia because I can do it on my time. You could also consider a full work-out, a short walk, or basic stretching if that’s what makes you feel good about yourself and the day ahead.
  4. Eat…whatever – There are mornings I wake up and feel so energized I make waffle sandwiches with fried eggs and avocado as well as a side of cinnamon apples. Other mornings I wake up and lazily grab a scone from a pile I made 3 days ago. The important thing is to eat a breakfast without stressing over making it a huge meal. No one is giving out awards for “Best Breakfast Eater”. Breakfast potatoes
  5. Allow yourself to indulge – If you could reward yourself with a 5-minute indulgence in the morning, how would you do it? Would you watch an episode of your favorite show? Have an extra cup of hot coffee? Sneak a second glazed scone? Whatever it is, occasionally reward yourself with something just for you and you’ll learn to look forward to this special alone time.
  6. Have a few go-to looks – My go-to look is jeans, a cotton tee, and ballet flats. It’s fuss-free, comfortable, and convenient while I’m working from home and dealing with dogs. There are mornings I feel like investing in getting styled for the day but there are plenty of other mornings where I want something hassle-free. On those hassle-free mornings, I have go-to looks I can put on and feel great. No stress. No pressure. 
  7. Make your bed – I’ve mentioned it before but making the bed helps put me at ease for the rest of the day. It acts as a visual confirmation that sleep time is over and it’s time to move on with the rest of your day. It doesn’t take but maybe 2 minutes so it’s a simple thing to cross off your to-do list. 

Any other tips to help you have a better morning? 


  1. These are all great tips for a better morning. I also enjoy checking blogs and Instagram in the morning, but I need to be more aware of how much time can get eaten up doing that. For me, a better morning is to have a clean kitchen. It really cramps my morning when I have to cook breakfast for my 1 year old, but the pan I need is dirty. It’s so much nicer to grab a clean pan and just focus on today, instead of seeing yesterday’s mess.

    • The first thing I check is almost always Twitter. I click over to moments and trends to see what happened overnight and quickly catch up on major headlines. I do most of my blog reading at night when I can settle in and comb through the days posts because otherwise I’ll get crazy lost down that rabbit hole.

      I absolutely agree with a clean kitchen. Cleaning it up the night before is actually one of the things I put in today’s post about my nightly routine. I can’t stand waking up to dirty dishes still in the sink.

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