Vegetables I’m Going to Plant in July (Zone 6b)

In case you missed it recently, my beautiful tomatoes fell victim to a predator. I’m not 100% sure of the culprit but it was either a deer, raccoon, or crow. I made an organic garlic jalapeno pesticide to try to keep them away. I’m also going to try these pepper grains in the yard to ward them off. No word yet on whether either of those work, but I’m giving it a try. It’s too soon to call my tomato harvest a bust but it’s close. If they don’t start to bear new fruit soon there’s not going to be time for them to mature. Fingers crossed! I am really praying I get at least one tomato from my garden.

Starting to think about your fall garden and harvest? Learn what to plant in July if you live in plant hardiness zone 6b.

While I’m watching and waiting to see what they do, I’m focusing on preparing for late summer / early fall harvests. I’m in plant hardiness zone 6b although some areas near here classify as 7a. I don’t have room to start anything from seed this year or I’d be giving beets and broccoli a try. I’m still going to try to plant them but I’m going to wait until I’m able to transplant them from seedlings. That’ll probably be next month. Right now I’m focused on when our zone is expecting first frost and what I can get in the ground and harvested before then.

That’s the #1 thing I learned about gardening – a lot depends on your hardiness zone! If you’re not sure of yours, I found a helpful map on the USDA website. 

I printed a gardening calendar last night, although I’m thinking of making my own and adding it to my free resources library. I’m not sure if that’s something y’all would want or not but it’s on my “to consider” list. Obviously, I’ll be making another trip down to Lowe’s this weekend for pots, soil, and other gardening items. I’m thinking of buying a couple of stencils and paint from Michael’s so I can decorate those terra cotta pots. I love them but, let’s be honest, they aren’t the prettiest things.

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I’m also looking for plants that repel frogs. If you have any suggestions, please pretty please send them my way! I have such a severe phobia of frogs which is not good considering how much frogs love my plants.

I’m also really excited to get carrots, lettuce, and potatoes in the ground. I found a new recipe for a carrot ginger soup I want to try this fall. While I know I can get incredible carrots at Capitol Market, I’m hoping to be able to make the soup using carrots from our own yard. Of course, that’s assuming I can keep those pesky deer (or raccoon or crows) away. I might need to make a scarecrow soon and stick him up outside there. He’d be right outside my office window if I put one up and, knowing me, I’d probably scare myself a million times, haha.

If I do make a scarecrow, would y’all want to see him? Or a tutorial on how we make our own? I’ve made them in the past for my parent’s farm but I’ve never thought about a tutorial for one. Let me know! If you want to see him, I’ll do it for you.

Now, for something different and kind of fun – let’s find out what kind of vegetable you are! Take the quiz and drop your result below. I’m a potato, btw.

What Kind of Vegetable Are You?

Sooo…what kind of vegetable are you? Tweet me @ashleyfromhp or drop your results in the comments below.

One of the first things I learned about gardening is to plan ahead and always know what is coming up on your planting schedule. I'm currently working on planning late summer / early Fall. If you live in hardiness zone 6b (like I do), here are a few suggestions about what to plant in July. This list isn't final, but it does include my favorites. BONUS: There's a fun quiz at the end of it for you! Check it out and be sure to let me know your results.

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