How to Use ViralTag to Schedule Social Media

Silly me but over the last few weeks I’ve been thinking that maybe I need to get out there and actually have a life again. My schedule was starting to look way too much like sleep | eat | work | eat | blog | sleep | repeat. It wasn’t totally horrible but it was boring and I was becoming exhausted with feeling like I had to be everywhere all the time. It’s just not sustainable at all and I was feeling the burn out creeping on.

I had switched from CoSchedule to MeetEdgar and I was really happy. I’d spent weeks getting everything moved over, set up, and scheduled but then I received an email from ViralTag offering to let me use their software (very similar to MeetEdgar) for 6 months for free. I know this going to sound like whiny #firstworldproblems and #bloggerproblems but while I was interested I was also frustrated by the idea of having to set everything up all over again. Not to mention, if I hated their platform and had to move back to MeetEdgar the idea of migrating all of my social media posts again made me want to eat an entire pint of ice cream then cry for hours. It felt overwhelming. I decided to take them up on it though when Brandon said, “6 months free? Isn’t MeetEdgar like $50 a month? So you’d save $300? What if you like it? That’d be a good change.” Ugh. Damn him. I made the switch.


I’ve been using ViralTag for almost 3 months now and while there were initially a few growing pains it’s turned out all right.

Connecting accounts

One of my biggest issues right now is that ViralTag doesn’t allow you to connect Facebook Groups to your scheduler which is a huge pain-in-the-youknowwhat. I currently admin two different Facebook groups (which you can find up there ^ under the “admission” link in my nav bar) and not being able to schedule posts to those groups makes my online life infinitely more difficult. I mentioned it to their CEO and he assured me they are working on developing that feature (as of 3/27/17) since so many people have asked for it but so far it’s not available for use. 

Other than the groups I can’t currently manage, I linked the social media accounts I manage to ViralTag so I could schedule the content. You can link Twitter, Facebook profiles, Facebook pages,  Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Since I use Tailwind (which you can try free right here) to schedule Pinterest and Instagram (although it’s rare that I schedule Instagram because that tends to be my go-to live network) I didn’t bother to link those accounts to ViralTag. I also don’t use Tumblr so I only needed to link Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn which only took a few clicks and maybe 2 minutes.

BTW…I blurred out a few accounts because I help schedule social media for my parents business as well and I didn’t want to share their accounts without permission. I also blurred out my LinkedIn to keep my professional career and my blog separated.


Add your content

Clicking + sign in the top left corner of the ViralTag dashboard allows you to add new content for your posting schedule. I keep a spreadsheet on Google Drive with the link to every blog post I write and I create multiple status updates and tweets that relate to the post.

For Facebook, I always share the link live with a personal story that relates to why I wrote it but when I’m sharing it a week, a month, or 6 months later, it’s being posted from the archives so it needs a different type of introduction. I’ll create at least 3 updates for link sharing to Facebook and at least 5 updates for sharing on Twitter. That way, when the social shares are recycled, it’s not always the same exact text accompanying the link.

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My categories match the post categories and subcategories on my blog as well as one-time status updates, quotes, images, and affiliates. I did that so that I could make sure I diversified the content on my posting schedule.


Creating a posting schedule

Once all of your social accounts are linked up you can create a posting schedule. My most active posting schedule is for Twitter because it moves so fast and there’s no way I could keep up unless I was glued to my phone 24/7 which, contrary to perception, isn’t the way I run my life.

I have my Facebook page set to post 1x – 2x a day and it’s usually a graphic (meme, quote, or other visual) or a link to someone else’s content. I post links to my own content live.

I share business or industry-related news to LinkedIn 1x a day and it’s usually early in the morning.

As I said a moment ago, I use Tailwind to schedule Pinterest and Instagram so I haven’t bothered to create a schedule for those networks.

So, Twitter is where it’s at for me most of the time. I post scheduled content to Twitter between 5 – 8 times per day based on analytics I am able to review from my ViralTag reports. Surprisingly (to me at least) most of my Twitter followers are night owls and my Twitter referral traffic peaks between 1:30am – 3:30am and again during the lunch hour Monday – Friday. I set my posting schedule to hit those times and I’ve scattered categories and types of content throughout the schedule to make sure that even when I’m not able to hop on live, there is a variety of content, links, updates, and images being tweeted to my followers.


Using ViralTag circles

The Circles feature in ViralTag is really new but conceptually it works a lot like Tailwind with the suggested content. You can join a circle and share content which is then suggested to other ViralTag users. Other users can then add your content to their posting schedule which expands your reach.

It’s far too new for me to be able to say much more about it but it has a lot of potential and I’m hoping to see this become something similar to Tailwind Tribes.

Between using Tailwind to schedule content for Pinterest / Instagram and ViralTag for scheduling LinkedIn / Facebook / Twitter I have been able to save at least 12 – 15 hours per week on social media. I’m around to answer comments or messages when I receive notifications and I can update live with Instagram or Instagram Stories throughout the day but I don’t have to stress about being everywhere at all times. I feel like it has allowed me to take my time and my life back and I’ve sorely needed that lately.

If you want to check out ViralTag for yourself you can get a free trial right here.

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  1. Well this definitely looks interesting! As someone who wants to spend way less time on social media, I need to look into this!

  2. I love Viraltag! Super easy to use. Highly recommend. Plus love the feature that you can look at popular pins in the explore feed!

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