Twitch Upon a Star by Herbie J Pilato (Book Review)

Twitch Upon a Star by Herbie J Pilato (Book Review)Twitch Upon a Star
Pages: 472
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Based on author Herbie J Pilato s exclusive interviews with Elizabeth Montgomery prior to her death in 1995, Twitch Upon a Star includes insider material and commentary from several individuals associated with her remarkable life and career before, during, and after Bewitched, including her classic feature films. Twitch Upon a Star also goes behind the scenes to explore Montgomery s political activism, including her early advocacy for AIDS sufferers and the peace movement; her support for all minorities, including the gay community and the disabled; and her controversial participation as narrator of the 1988 feature film documentary Cover-Up and its 1991 Oscar-winning sequel, The Panama Deception. The book also explores Montgomery's tumultuous relationships with her father, screen legend Robert Montgomery and her four husbands. Through it all and to family and friends such as fellow performers Ronny Cox, Sally Kemp, and Florence Henderson she was just Lizzie: down-to-earth and unaffected, just like Samantha, the "witch-with-a-twitch" Stephens, her most famous role."

Raise your hand if you have watched and loved Bewitched starring Elizabeth Montgomery. I know I’m not alone. I loved watching her star as Samantha Stephens and twitch her nose to make magic happen. I remember being a little girl and twitching my own nose when I was alone to see if I could make anything happen. I couldn’t, in case you were wondering. If I recall correctly, Lassie and Bewitched were the first TV shows I ever became obsessed with so it only made sense that when I saw Twitch Upon a Star by Herbie J Pilato on NetGalley I had to request it. Once the publisher approved my request, I downloaded my review copy and immediately dove into it. I wanted so badly to love it, but I didn’t.

Being completely honest here, I could barely finish it. I wasn’t even sure that I wanted to bother sharing a book review on it because it is just that bad. Twitch Upon a Star sorely needs editing by someone with superb talent because I know there is a good book in there somewhere. As it is right now it is simply a messy compilation of random facts that occasionally appear out of order and are nearly impossible to follow.

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The author has the tendency to regurgitate facts over and over and over again. During a few points I just wanted to shout, “Omg! I GET IT!” because the same details are being told repeatedly which made it feel like filler to squeak out on more page. It was so tedious to read and I hate to admit that. This book is a complete disservice to the beautiful vibrant legacy of Elizabeth Montgomery. 

I finished the book only because I loved Elizabeth Montgomery when I was a child. I wanted to learn as much as I could about her, even if I had to sort through a heaping mess to do it. If you really want to fall in love with Elizabeth Montgomery, I recommend skipping Twitch Upon a Star and binge-watching Bewitched.

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Have you ever seen Bewitched? I’d love to hear what recent read of your was a disappointment or throw your best book recommendations at me!


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