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I Tried Doctor on Demand

Shortly after arriving in West Virginia, Brandon and I both came down sick with something resembling the flu. We both had fevers fluctuating between 101 and 103 degrees. He had a horribly nasty cough while I was suffering from heavy nasal congestion. I nearly passed out twice after thinking I was strong enough to stand up (obviously, I was not). A lot of my friends back in Georgia were also feeling sick. I attributed it to a “Georgia Flu”. I resigned myself to feeling miserable until it passed but Brandon insisted on seeing a doctor.

We have very different approaches to medical care. I usually won’t see a doctor unless I’m on death’s door. He prefers to see a doctor so he can get over being sick asap. It was clear we were both miserably sick but the idea of trying to find a new doctor on short notice was more than I could handle. Urgent Care was an option but the wait time in those places is usually horrible.

My husband and I both came down very sick after we moved. We didn't have an established doctor and trying to find a new one on short notice seemed impossible. Fortunately, I found and tried the Doctor on Demand app.

Eventually I gave in to at least trying to find a local doctor to see us. I hopped on ZocDoc (the website I usually visit to make appointments) and saw an ad for Doctor on Demand.

I figured, what could it hurt? After considering the pros and cons, I went with it. The worst that would happen is that it was useless and we were still feeling sick. The best that could happen was that we received a diagnosis and a prescription to help us feel better. It was worth trying. I downloaded the free Doctor on Demand app at 9am and was able to make an appointment with a primary care physician at 10am. That was quicker than it would have taken me to find a local doctor, call to schedule the appointment, fill out all of their new patient paperwork, and wait in their office so I considered it a win.

At 9:55am I opened the app and waited for the doctor to arrive. She appeared in the video chat at 10am! I think that was the first time I had ever had a doctor show up for an appointment on time. Brandon and I were both coughing and sneezing all over the place but she was super sweet and patient. We went over medical history and our symptoms. She asked about our move and temperatures. When we were done we had a diagnosis (flu) and prescriptions waiting for us at the pharmacy of our choice. When you set up the app it requires that you enter your pharmacy information so it really was a simple and painless process.

The appointment lasted all of 7 minutes but we didn’t feel rushed in the slightest. Best of all, it only cost us $5! Through our insurance a co-pay for a regular doctor appointment is $25 and urgent care is $35. I was stunned to see a $5 charge! Never in my life have I had such a pleasant doctor’s appointment and pay so little for the privilege. I’m certain Brandon thought it was a one-and-done thing but I fully intend to make using the Doctor on Demand app a regular practice. They treat all of your standard medical conditions plus they offer mental health services.

The first thing I thought was, “Where are all of my mommy friends?! They need to know about this!” Rather than calling a hundred people to rave about the app I decided to share it here on the blog. This post is not sponsored by Doctor on Demand, I just felt like I needed to share our awesome experience.

When I got to the pharmacy that afternoon to pick up the prescription it was a no-hassle experience as well. It was ready and waiting for me, exactly as the doctor said it would be.

The Doctor on Demand mission statement says:

Lack of access to health care providers in the United States is a massive, growing problem. The average wait time to see a physician is three weeks. More than half of patients with mental health issues go without treatment. We’re not getting the care that we need. We built Doctor On Demand to help address this problem.

They are doing a great job of accomplishing that mission! I can think of so many times in the past when I wish I would have had this app. There are so many days I wouldn’t have had to take sick leave from work for a doctor’s appointment and so many times I could have booked a therapist when I was feeling stressed or overwhelmed. I am certain that you parents out there would love the convenience of this app over having to sit in a germ-infested waiting room just to consult a pediatrician over a runny nose and low-grade fever.

The next time you need a doctor, I highly recommend checking out Doctor on Demand before calling your local office for an appointment. I think you’ll love it! 

Now, all this doctor talk has this in my head…


  1. Ugh yes!!! This sounds amazing!!!! There is nothing worse than trying to schedule dr appointmenags and the insane amount of time it takes to see them during your appointment. Love this!!!

  2. Keeping this in mind for when I travel! I’ve always wondered what I would do if I get sick while traveling and I want to avoid the urgent care centers. My cousins have tried getting me into their doctors before when I’ve had sinus infection when I was traveling last year but the scheduling never worked out.

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